What are some of the non-PRS guitars in your collection?


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Sep 22, 2022
In celebration of taking delivery of my very first Fender CS guitar today and I wanted to show it off and also got me thinking, what are some of the forum members favorite guitars in their collection that AREN'T PRS guitars? Post em!

My collection isnt very impressive
Partly because my Buddy buys every guitar He can get his hands on and I get to play some awesome guitars

I have a second PRS on the way
I’m at 8 right now. Six PRS and two others. One is a Sweetwater Special EBMM JP15 in Eclipse Sparkle from 2021. It’s a very dark, almost black, purple with tons of sparkles. The other is a 2023 ESP Kirk Hammett V in red sparkle.
The only other guitars I play are the S-types we built ourselves, and a Versoul baritone.

It probably goes without saying that I could easily play everything except for the baritone material on the Silver Sky. Our necks have a bit more heft, but it's not life and/or death.
I have five PRSs now - two core silver sky's, a Vela, a Standard 22 and a NF53.

In addition I have:
- Xotic XSC
- Fender Custom Shop Strat
- Schecter US Custom shop tele
- Yamaha Pacifica 611
- Perri Ink Tele (Custom build by Nick Perri of Silvertide)
- Ibanez FlatV1 Josh Smith signature
- Suhr Antique S
- 1999 Ibanez RG570

Here's my Fender and the Xotic, which along with my PRS will never leave my grasp...