What percentage of your guitars are PRS?

What % of your guitars are PRS?

  • 100%

    Votes: 37 11.8%
  • More than 50%

    Votes: 88 28.1%
  • 50%

    Votes: 34 10.9%
  • Less than 50%

    Votes: 150 47.9%
  • I don’t own one yet, but I will.

    Votes: 4 1.3%

  • Total voters
On the whole I hold my PRS in highest regard amongst my guitars. Therefore the majority of my guitars are PRS.

In terms of tone, I’d hand out a co-shared medal to Gibson CS reissue LP’s. Once you recognise the special inherent tone in them, and how consistently they produce that tone, there’s no avoiding the awe and wonder - how is it possible?
5 electrics - (3) PRS, (1) LP, (1) Ibanez
1 Acoustic - Celebrity Ovation

Was at 40%, but with the help of all you enablers, I'm now at 50% and before too long over 50%. Pretty soon I'll be on fries and thats when the big money starts rolling in.
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100% if we’re talking electrics. Have a random mostly-Fender parts bass that will get replaced with a PRS if I ever do more than occasional bass. Also have an older Michael Kelly acoustic that (while great for what it is) will have a decent chance of getting replaced with a PRS once I’ve knocked off the itch for a maple board SS.