NUGD Single Cut Trem IRW neck ! ..and then there we 8

ignore the techno babble ... heading over in a few to pick her up , it will interesting to see the tone differences between the two rosewood necks
that's a great score! Love that neck! Nice playing, and cool about your background. That's some interesting stuff.
Well after slogging through road construction bottlenecks and rain , she's finally home .

Observations: The body certaily feels more petite than the standard DC and my '79 LP custom . She seems to disappear when playing , quite a pleasent surprise. The light weight and size will make long gigs much easier. They set it up with low but perfect action , the trem tailpiece works well for palm bends without the whammy.

The BG pickups are warm and tap well , very little signal loss when tapped and the bridge is one of the very few I've played that I like by itself. Split , and run clean .. like the Alembic she has an almost acoustic quality due to the zing of the neck.

She LOVES gain , to date is the most perfect match to the Blue Sierra 50w

One of the advantages of buying from folks WAY out in the country is the prices and attitudes are much nicer .

I held off getting an SC because I had the LP and it's pretty hard to beat. This is a worthy addition

I've named her Goldilocks
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I took it to the Blues show at the Cafe' , Red Sugar was playing , I let the guitar man play it .. instant love .. had to pry it from his hands .. , he liked the McSoapy rosewood too . He said man you got some nice guitars, we should jam sometime . Open Invitation oh blues master, I showed him a pic of the collection .. he was like WHOA ! I love the perks of my job , working with the old school vets and the fresh talent.

After enjoying for the past few days I got to say it is NOTHING like I thought it would be. Pardon my prejudice but I was thinking I don't need a duplicate of my LP . Well experience is always the best teacher . What really surprises me is how well it pulls of Acoustic tones in split mode , reminds me of my special but with a fuller bottom end . I ran it in stereo ( Tc stereo chorus etc ) into both channels of the little Fender Acoustic 100 with a bit of chorus and delay it really pulls it off well , Rosewood necks are worth every penny.

Playing it for a few hours is a breeze , my LP weighs 4lbs more and is at this point a sit down guitar.

The aesthetic side of me wants to swap out out least the bridge saddles with brass/ gold , some nice wooden pickup rings and tuner buttons.
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It was alice and the Rabbit Hole. Goldilocks is for the color and figure, and also the name of a similar looking axe I built for local blues legend Donna Hopkins. Over the last year I've been "replacing" all the instruments I've made for other people with ones made by my favorite Luthiers.