Black em or hate em? :)

Whats your take on black axes?

  • 1) Theres other colors??? All my gutiars are black

    Votes: 1 3.4%
  • 2) They're ok, nothing special.

    Votes: 20 69.0%
  • 3) You mean those ones that get all dirty and nasty if you just look at them wrong?

    Votes: 8 27.6%

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I love em...
Matte black PS MEV that I had made.

Custom Shop SC 0000 Martin 12 string that I had made a couple years back
I've owned about 7 PRS's over the years .. CE's, McCarty's .. Tremonti's. The Terms and MCC's were sold. They were stunning looking and played well .. but were both distant second place to my 1990 CE24 and 1993 CE22. BY THE WAY .. the 24 is Ferrari RED and the 22 is BLACK. Some guitars have life, resonance and feel and it has nothing to do with color or finish.
I dunno, like one responder said "black is like the tuxedo" or words to that effect.
I really dig most of the colors in the PRS line (I do have my own personal prejudices that I won't divulge) and for the most part they are gorgeous and very artistic. That's one of the reasons PRS guitars are sought after and prized I think.
But I do love my "tux" McCarty...
Well, I must digress, I totally forgot that one of mine is black....well kinda. My 2013 Epiphone Joe Bonamasa Signature '59 has a Pelham Blue top but the entire rest of it is black, lol. Does that count? ;)
Black cars, on the other hand are a form of punishment...
That’s a fact. My previous 4 vehicles were black. What a PITA they were to keep clean. I came home with the newest one in 2021. The Mrs inquired if it was black, and I told her no way. No more black vehicles for us. Then she said, “as long as it’s not red…” OOPS! My bad. Red it is. She got over it.
Love black opaque PRS guitars. For the solid coloured PRSi I think they ty for my favourite colour (the other one being goldtop).