Too Much Time on My Hands

I used to have multiple watches and matched them to my clothes, but I now only wear a silver-colored Bulova. It was a gift from my wife, and it works with everything.
Omega Seamaster or Hamilton Khaki Classic for every day

Concord with lizard strap or Hamilton Jazzmaster for more dressier situations
I don't have a good picture of mine handy but this is basically what I wear everyday. Love it.

Nice Styx reference in the thread title, Hans. Now i have an earworm.

I cant live (comfortably) without one at work but dont wear one on the weekends. I have a 20-year-old Pulsar that my wife gave me and a Citizen that i earned for 10 years of service. Nothing fancy but functional. My wife keeps threatening to buy me a new watch and when she tells me what she wants to spend i redirect her to :laugh:
My primary time engagement present from my wife...It's been on my wrist every day's seen everything and keeps on ticking! Fantastic watch...that scratch happened the day my first son was born...serves as a constant reminder of the important things in life.
I'm glad it didn't go missing for more than a few minutes. Even nicer knowing its story.
I use my iPhone, and/or computer,,,etc. (iPad). Can't wear a watch, not the least reason being I tend to stop them, or it would seem. Doesn't matter if it's electric or gear. They stop. Don't like things on my hands(rings) or wrist.:(
I wear a G-Shock Master of G (Mudman or something) when I'm in the water (which is far too infrequently, really). I wear a Galaxy Classic 4 when I'm out of the house. As a so-called "smartwatch" -- a misnomer if there ever was one -- I prefer it because it looks like a watch.

I generally go for platinum or silver-ish or black. That color works better for me -- and matches our wedding rings.
I’m a big fan of the diver style watches. For some reason I can’t seem to get one to last more than 2 years, I’m really hard on them. I’ve tried everything, both cheap and expensive. That was until I tried an Invicta Subaqua divers watch. They weigh a pound and are built like a tank. But normally I’m a fan of the Ulysses Nardin diver watches.