Do you feel like your PRS is too nice?


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Oct 22, 2022
I purchased a custom 24 wood library in aquableux purple burst last year (killer quilt top). Its probably the nicest guitar I've ever owned. At the time I didn't know the risk of color fading so it's pretty much been a case queen since I got it. Because it's not sitting out I rarely play it, and when I do I'm really careful not to scratch her. My previous PRS was a standard 24 in platinum metallic so I never really worried too much about it.

I recently got a great deal on a fender custom shop tele in heavy relic finish. It's a totally different vibe when I play it. It's already beat to sh*t and I can bang on it with a guilt-free conscience. I leave it out on the stand. I don't care if it gets exposed to light, or dusty, etc. As such I'm playing it all the time. Does anyone else ever experience this feeling?

I'm almost considering selling my wood library and maybe getting a metallic color again.
Somewhere or another, maybe this forum, don't remember.
I was slightly admonished for leaving my PS out and hanging on the wall where it is ready to play at a moments notice.
So no, all built to play and if they look bangin' in the bargain that's a bonus.
I purchased my first PRS used which allowed me to ease into it a bit. There was already tarnish on the pick-ups/bridge but no noticeable issues with the finish. The ones I purchased new made me a bit more cautious at first, but I very quickly changed my perspective to recognize the fact that I purchased the guitars to play... so I will play them. Do I randomly sling them around or use them to prop open doors? No, but I also do not put on felt gloves to take them out of the cases. I never wear a belt when playing, but that is pretty much the limit of "special care". Two of them are always sitting on stands in my office so I can quickly grab one when "the feeling" hits me, and the others are in their cases very near by.

At this point, every one of them has some level of fret wear, potentially pick-up tarnish, bridge tarnish, and swirl marks/light scratches from playing. A few of them have minor dings (swinging Schaller strap locks do wonders on the thin nitro!), but there are not any chips or major issues. None of them are abused and they would all sell in excellent condition.

Each of our life situations and personalities will lead to a different view on this topic, which I enjoy reading about. Sorry, I am an Engineer+MBA so it quickly gets down to an economic assessment of the value received from the guitar relative to the unrecoverable cost. As long as that value exceeds the accumulated depreciation of the instrument, then I am ahead in the end. For example, if you purchase a new WL SC594 for $6k (using approximate MSRP for simplicity) and we see similar used guitars with some level of wear selling for $3.5k, it comes down to assessing if you felt you got $2.5k worth of enjoyment out of the guitar while you had it. Say you played that guitar 2 hrs/week over 2 yrs. If you averaged ~$12/hr of enjoyment from that guitar, then you come out ahead. Some of my guitars get more than 2 hrs/wk and I did not pay more than $4k for any of them, so my actual consideration is less than $5/hr. I simply ask did my office jam session provide more joy/value than a cup of Dunkin? There are very few times I answer that question in the negative! In that world, I pick up each of my PRS and never think twice about the condition other than simply treating the instrument well and enjoying the hell out of it!
Sometimes i do feel self conscious when I bring a beautiful guitar to a gig.

Everybody wants to comment and look at it and they assume a PRS is super expensive and i feel like they're thinking "How can he afford that?"

They don't know it's a Bernie Marsden I have less than a grand into!

Can't help it if it's prettier and sounds better than most Les Pauls.

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Are they too nice?
I didn't purchase them to watch them behind glass. They are bought to be played. I take care of them, because the look was asweel a factor to be considered prior acquisation.
Their reason to exist is to be an instrument to make music.
While I have taken all of my PRS' to the stage, I now limit it to my single cut/ rosewood neck. With the BG pickups and tap it covers all the bases , it's light , and was well "loved " before I got her. I enjoy the others at home enormously .
I try to keep my gig guitars in the <3K range . No case queens, just respect for their beauty and condition.
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My Singlecut/rosewood neck is the most worn of everything I have. There’s a 92 custom 24 with gold hardware sitting in its case. I haven’t gigged it. My partner believes I’m being foolish, and of course I had the last two words in the conversation.………Yes, dear. I’ll make sure she’s there when I bring it out.