Do you feel like your PRS is too nice?

I have this feeling that might be contrary, but...we have to be allowed to be brutal with our guitars if the feelings call for it. No? Yes?
I have a beautiful 33 year old 10 top and I'm the type that would worry about scratches and scuffs but I'm 'lucky'. I bought it with a fairly long hairline crack up a section of the back and so I'm liberated from worrying about condition and I just play it.
Somebody had a red 89cu24 on VR quite a while back that had headstock split and repair done.

I REALLY thought about buying it just to gig was already damaged plus I like all versions of T and B pickups.

But we're all different.

Recently, my wife told me the garbage disposal in our kitchen sink started making funny noises. I decided to test it. Yes, it made funny noises but still functioned.

My wife ran into the room. "Don't use it!" said my wife. "It's on its last legs and could go any time."

I said, "If we're not going to use it at all, what's the difference if it breaks? If we do it your way, we don't ever use it, but we replace it. If we do it my way, we use it until it breaks and we still replace it. Same outcome but we get a little more use out of it."

I mention this because if you're going to sell your guitar, you might as well get some use out of it until you do. Not using it won't bring you significantly more at time of sale. You're in kind of a no-lose zone if you play it.

And you might actually like playing it and get over your "too nice to play" feeling.

As an aside, I have 4 PS and 1 WL model, and I play them all. I take the best care of them that I can, but they're made to play. I keep them cased when not in use. They haven't faded and if there's wear, it's microscopic.

But the main reason I case 'em is to buffer temperature and humidity changes that occur in all houses, so they stay set up properly for a long time. I use the D'Addario humidipaks, and put one in each electric guitar case. They only work in a case, so I keep them cased.

It takes less than five seconds to open the case and take the guitar out. I guess it takes only a second or two to take it off the stand, but WTF, that's not very much different.

I've never found it a deterrent to keep a guitar in a case; however, I know very reasonable people who disagree, and more power to 'em.

The relic preference is a mystery... If you don't mind playing an instrument they banged up with hammers and chisels at the factory, isn't it a bit illogical to be averse to creating your own patina on your own guitar, albeit in a more natural way?
That’s exactly why I always have a spare garbage disposal waiting in the box in my basement office (laundry room) and 13 PRS guitars in there too.

Ya never know!
When we remodeled our kitchen a handful of years ago, I did all the plumbing. They have definitely made it easier to install a garbage disposal compared to 20 years ago.
Good to know!

Have they eliminated the bit where you have to lay on the floor with your arms and head inside the cabinetry under the sink? That's the bit I need to eliminate!
Good to know!

Have they eliminated the bit where you have to lay on the floor with your arms and head inside the cabinetry under the sink? That's the bit I need to eliminate!
Unfortunately, no. That is still part of it, unless you figure out how to hook it all up with the sink out of the counter top and put it all in at once. :)
So......are you ok with the part where you grunt and groan just trying to get up off the floor?????

It's the parts where I'm bumping my head against the pipes, finding out that one pipe needs to be changed, getting the wrong one at Home Depot, going back to the store for the right one, laying down on the floor again, having the wrong tool to do something, needing to go back to the store for another tool, getting back, laying on the floor again, twisting my back into all kinds pretzel-like positions, and THEN getting back up off the floor that's the problem.

Why yes, I've been there, done that. ;)
I have played my ‘85 PRS from the day I got her back in ‘86. Over the years it’s taken a few knocks, worn through the finish in a number of places and been refretted twice. The plastic has warped and the nickel plating is missing in a number of areas ….and it looks as good now as it ever did!
No. I do what I can to take care of what I have, but wear and tear is inevitable over time especially with continued usage.
Too nice for what? To Look at? To Play? To Gig with? To Record? To modify?

For me, a Core maybe too nice to play the Gigs I used to play. Just like I wouldn't take a Ferrari out of the Garage if it was at a much higher Risk of Damage/theft because I can't afford to replace/repair it, I wouldn't take y Cores to the 'gigs' I used to play. To me, they are 'too nice' to modify too and I love them Stock anyway. Certainly never too nice to Look at or to play in my opinion and definitely not too nice to record with either.

I don't buy with any thought of selling, don't care if I ding/chip my guitars playing them, but I do care about my instruments and look after things. I felt I could buy my 'dream' instruments to 'enjoy' and play, knowing that risks of being stolen or damaged by 'others' (inc Band mates) is significantly minimised now.

If I did return to gigging, I'd buy tools I'd be happier using in that Situation - either SE's/S2's or used guitars - not my 'dream' guitar.

Everyone is Different, different budgets, different circumstances, different attitude/beliefs etc - there is no 'right/wrong' and things Change too. People are all at different points in their life journey so whilst others may feel 'comfortable' taking Cores to gigs, others may feel too 'nervous'...