Do you feel like your PRS is too nice?

Agree with most here, unless you’re buying a piece for a glass display case, they’re built to be played, it’s a disservice not to, you wouldn’t buy a car just to wash it and put it back in the garage.
It's only too nice if you pay more for the appearance that you don't appreciate or if it prevents you from playing it.

My PRSi, all used, are in the sweet spot of looking good enough to encourage playing them.
Given my playing level, pretty much anything above a Squire or Epiphone is too nice for me. Hasn’t stopped me from buying way too many “nice” guitars over the decades. So, sure my PRS is too nice. :D Seeing as my playing out days are over 20 years gone, my PRS shouldn’t get too banged up in the music room.
I haven’t had as many opportunities as I’d like, but yeah, mine goes out when I can fill in for the regular guitar players.
Speaking of which, regarding the post from @davesultra , there are great gigging opportunities these days in church bands. You don’t get as many opportunities to kick on the RAT distortion (believe it or not, there are times I’ve used it) but I’m still playing live at 70. Have been for decades. And I don’t see that ending real soon.