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Aug 1, 1985
I'll be the first to admit it; I pay too much for my watches. I prefer the automatic variety with Chronometer certifications.

But there are people who are just as content with a watch from a Happy Meal. Come to think of it, Happy Meal watches were "the thing to have" when I was running with the skaters in the mid-80's.

So let's here it. What do you use to keep time.
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I'll be the first to admit it; I pay too much for my watches. I prefer the automatic variety with Chronometer certifications.


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I have always liked watches and at a point about ten years ago probably had a dozen automatic and quartz watches. I never really liked the automatics that much. Plus I had to get a couple winders to keep them going. Now I wear an Omega Seamaster Quartz that I have had for 15 years about 95% of the time. I also have a Swiss Army watch for bangin around and a Rolex Submariner that was given to me by my company at 30 years.
I love G-Shocks. Got my first in '86 for my 13th birthday and have been hooked. I am very hard on stuff, so anything I'm using must be able to be smashed around. Have an atomic/solar at the moment. It's nice always having the exact time.
Don't wear one at home but feel naked without one when out and about. Have been a Tag guy for 20 years. Personally see cell phones as sometimes useful but mostly annoying and never use it for anything but making and receiving calls.
Tag Heuer Multigraph.

Clean, simple, tough as nails, has a nice heft on the wrist. A good watch, a good knife, and your wallet are things you gotta have to be a man.
I can't bring myself to pay too much for a watch because I tend to beat the crap out of them while working on things. A $40 Timex usually lasts me six or seven years though I recently splurged and bought a nice Bulova for about 100 bucks on a Sam's Club auction. It's not that I don't appreciate a really nice watch, I secretly covet my little brother's Submariner, I just don't think they're practical for me.
I killed a lot of cheap watches when I was younger, so I stopped buying them for a while. When I started working at a place where time mattered I got a super skinny Seiko - about as thick as a quarter - and on it I've just worn out the bands and put a new one on every 10 years or so.
I have a couple of Storms because they are kind of funky.
And a couple of Movado chronos because you never know when you might fall in a lake.
My current daily wearer is a Breitling Chrono-Cockpit. I just got it back from being serviced...


Prior to that, I'd been wearing my Rolex Datejust for the last few years. I can't believe I've owned it for 25 years...

I wear a watch very rarely. They tend to get annoying and I also suffer from the affliction of skinny, girly wrists. Usually I just look at my phone or the pedometer I carry.

I have a 15+ year old Fossil with metal band that I still like, and a slim Skagen with a black leather band for dressing up.

I wear them so rarely the batteries are both dead and I haven't bothered replacing them. Last time I wore a watch (probably 8 months ago), I grabbed my old Seiko (Never mind, it's a Timex. The Seiko is even worse--never worn it) with a yellowed, cracked face and a crappy band. My grandfather gave it to me years ago. It's a wind up, so it gets the call when batteries are dead!

I'd love to get a Citizen Eco Drive if I could ever justify the expense.
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I like all titanium. Feels like it has more purpose. And when I accidentally shove my arm in a server rack with the watch still on, it doesn't come out scratched. The server may be fubar, but the watch is fine. :wink: