Favorite T-Shirt?

While I'm here...I decided I can show a T that made the cancer ward love my family - we showed up one at a time wearing a version of the same shirt.
I have way too many tee's to pick just one; so my favorite is usually the one I'm wearing at the time. A very long time ago I had one that was a hit no matter where I wore it. Bought it at the "T-shirt Shack" in Penticton BC. Had a pic of a goofy looking dude on it and the caption "Freddie Fud Pucker"
Favorite shirts of mine are the extreme comfyness of years of wear cos they breathe. I saw an interview with Peter Cetera once and the t-shirt he had on looked like it'd been blasted by a shotgun and looked so comfy!

I have some fave designs but the comfy ones always win.