Favorite T-Shirt?

What are you intending to wear for our gigs then? PLEASE don't tell me that leather daddy outfit that Sergio posted, or the gig is OFF!

is it on?? this makes me very happy.

i'll be dressed kind of like an elderly version of a young cliff richard.

SILK? We're not a crooner lounge act. We're rockers!
take it up with moondog and the state of hawaii, they're the ones in the fine silk.

that said, have you tried a silk t shirt? pretty nice.
I wear t-shirts virtually every day. I wore uniforms for over a decade, and body armor is, basically, a really tough t-shirt worn over a t-shirt. Then I wore suits for the last many years of my career, and you don’t wear those in Texas without a t-shirt underneath unless you’re replacing them annually. Now, I’ve finally worked my way to the t-shirt on top… the heck with what anyone thinks about it! Here on the Gulf Coast, you can do 9-10 months of the year in t-shirts and shorts. I take full advantage.

Got lots of favorites, but mostly favor the better fitting kind that don’t come out of the dryer a stiff, wrinkly mess. I’m all about easy living these days.
Understood on the non PC stuff (what a world, eh!)! Here is another one of my favs!! Not exactly PC (properly Christian) but I walked away from that lore decades ago!!!


I WILL be posting a couple of other non PC ones down the road, so stay tuned if you can handle the truth!!! Thanks for the contributions!!!!

Reminds me of the one I got to commemorate the year Starbucks went to war with Christmas (except my shirt is red)...

One of my favorite albums of that era.
my special ladyfriend met roland gift when he came to america in the very early nineties. he brought a bodyguard, which seems weird but he is english. she took him on a solo horse ride around the fancy ranch where she grew up. according to the lore, the beach house he was staying in had one of those acrylic toilet seats with the shells in it; this amused him.
that said, have you tried a silk t shirt? pretty nice.
Hmm, I have not.
Stop, we're not all gonna be dressed in Chippendales costumes...??

Well that sucks! I'm all muscled up for my shows with the Chippendales!
I’m not muscled up like that, but there‘s a six pack in there somewhere.