1. SeattleTony

    Any recommendations for a set of black locking tuners for a SE Custom 24?

    Any recommendations for a set of black locking tuners for a SE Custom 24?
  2. sjsamaha

    Replacing Vintage Tuners with Phase III on Private Stock

    Hi all, new to the forums and had a quick question .. I saw on the PRS site that the Phase III tuners are interchangeable with the Vintage so I decided to swap out the vintage on my new Private Stock 594 with them... I spoke with PRS and they said that there might be a bit of an "imprint" from...
  3. V

    Intro to the forum and question about Silver Sky Headstock

    Intro into how I got here (Skip if you don't care): Hey guys! new to the forum but not new to guitars or PRS. My CU22 from 2016 has been my favourite guitar for a bit now. Im a huge Strat fan and have always been curious about the Silver Sky but for whatever reason I was always hesitant. Last...
  4. R

    Steinberger Gearless Tuners

    I’ve been wanting to try out Steinberger gearless tuners for a while and decided to add them to a PRS CE I just picked up. Very satisfied with the results:
  5. j.a.

    PRS SE Zach Myers one month later

    It's been a month since I got the PRS SE Zach Myers and this are my thoughts on it: Pros: Sounds amazing, versatile, from Jazz to Rock including those 60's sounds Very comfortable to play, love the fat neck, as ergonomic as my Starla to play sitting down. Looks amazing, the matching maple...
  6. P

    1st Post • SE Holcomb Parts Swap Notion

    In recent weeks, I've acquired several SEs (and one Core), and am now off on a mild mod tear. This wild-hare idea may best be chased as a personal ad. ME: Have SE with chrome bridge and tuners, would like black chrome. YOU: Have Holcomb SE model with black chrome bridge and tuners, and would...
  7. Julian

    McCarty Vintage vs Locking Tuners

    Did PRS stop equipping McCartys with locking tuners and now only do vintage style? Does anyone actually prefer vintage style to locking?
  8. D

    Aftermarket Tuner Replacements for SS?

    Hey Folks, new member here. I have a customer that wants to put aftermarket tuners for his silver sky, he doesn’t like the original ones. Have any of you done that before? What brand fits without doing any modification? Thank you!
  9. P

    wanted: S2 McCarty 594 Thinline in translucent colors like TV yellow or honey

    The S2 McCarty 594 Thinline is a stroke of genius! I hope PRS sells a ton of them! I was thinking about getting a used custom shop SG when I found the Thinline as an alternative. At 1/2 the price for a gorgeous, great-sounding, well-made, well-balanced, well-set up guitar, it's a no-brainer...
  10. Siddiq

    Help with SE singlecut upgrades?

    Hey guys! Sorry if the topic is repetitive. I have perused through the SE mod thread to find some answers but.... Got to thinking after playing my tremonti that my se single cut needs some love and upgrades. Maybe due to me noticing the vast difference in tone. The us guitar just breathes...
  11. C

    Looking for a place to purchase replacement screws for my Custom 24

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. I believe this is the correct place to ask this question. But if not, I apologize. I'm trying to follow all the rules :) I have a 2014 USA Custom 24. I'm trying to find a few replacement screws. Unfortunately the local hardware stores didn't have any matches...
  12. Morey Celton

    Pick up covers for PRS 85/15 S? Locking tuners?

    Hi everyone, I'm brand new to the PRS family. I've always but a Telecaster and Les Paul player. But glad to have just picked up a SE SemiHollow :) So far I really like the feel of it. I have never been a fan of exposed hum buckers, and not digging the creme color either, so I am going to install...
  13. D

    What company makes the S2 Tuning machines?

    Gotoh? Ping?
  14. Blakemore

    Phase III Locking Tuners Hybrid swap for Nickel

    Thinking of making a change to one of my 594s that came with gold hardware. It came with the Gold hybrid Phase III Locking Tuners. Didn't know if anyone had a nickel set they'd like to swap me. If not, I'll just leave it as is, but just thought it wouldn't hurt to see if someone else was in...
  15. S

    S2 Tuner: too sensitivity?

    Hi All, I got my S2 CU24 for few months from the factory (and i didn't change anything). One thing I think about is the tuner. When I twist the tuner a little bit, the pitch change a lot, much more sensitivity to my previous SE. Is it normal? or something wrong with the tuner or springs...
  16. D

    SE Tuning Instability

    Hey everyone, I've got two SE's. An SE Custom 24, and an SE Mark Holcomb. I find that with both, the tuning is so unstable, playing a few notes can throw it out. Only slightly at first, but a bend will generally mess it up a fair bit. With the Custom, I installed locking tuners, but still get...
  17. GavQuinn

    Starla Tuner Replacement

    Hi Guys, One of the nice Brass posted Klusons on my Starla has let go. It’s starting to grind. Some of the others are starting to feel loose too. It’s 10 years old now, used a lot. What’s more is that the bigsby has always made the guitar body heavy, like a Les Paul. Heavier tuners would...
  18. M

    What are the best locking tuners to replace the PRS SE Mark Holcomb stock tuners?

    Hey everyone, wanting to replace the tuners on the PRS Mark Holcomb sig w/ preferably matte black locking tuners, but I'm not too sure what are some compatible tuners. does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  19. RickyFresh

    S2 Vela Keeps Dropping Out of Tune

    Hey all, I just recently purchased a used Vela (semi-hollow, reclaimed wood). It sounds great, although I can't seem to keep it in tune for the life of me. This became a real problem at my first gig as it was really embarrassing playing, then realizing how out of tune it had become after a...
  20. GavQuinn

    SE Vintage/Kluson Replacement

    Hello all, Can anyone recommend a replacement Kluson tuner that dops in for the SE models? Bernie Marsden. I don't want locking tuners or to ream bigger holes etc, I like the Klusons, I just want to know if there are a better quality drop in available and if anyone's got them. I know Gotoh do...