Why PRS is gaining share in the guitar market

Thanks for posting this, Shawn.

As a business guy by day - I was genuinely impressed by the sales growth numbers for PRS in what is supposed to be a difficult market for electric guitars these days. When you build guitars that people want to buy, they'll buy them from you and not the other companies.

As a PRS player by night - I'm always encouraged by the fanatic attention to detail and quality that PRS exhibits, and its commitment to innovation. I bought several flawless core PRS models in the late 1990s, then was away from PRS for over a decade. When I came back to PRS in 2013, I noticed that the core guitars had gotten ever so slightly better in small things like fit and finish, and way better in the pickups department.

As a regular citizen and worker bee - I'm really proud to buy guitars from a company that has nearly zero turnover, treats its folks decently, pays cash bonuses (sharing the wealth in good times) and promotes from within. I don't know why this business model should be as rare as it seems to be.

I'm up to six core USA models now. They're that good. Shawn, if you possibly can, please let the 300 employees at PRS know that we, the longtime PRS customers, appreciate what they do every day, for every guitar, and how well they do it.


Across the board- +1!
As a now retired business guy who worked for a very large fortune 100 company in strategic planning and mergers & acquisitions, I have to say I have been very impressed with PRS's strategy and execution of said strategy.
I particularly like the branding strategy - SE-S2-Core - This makes it much easier for consumers to understand what they are getting (unlike some other very famous guitar manufactures).

Now back to preparing for my next gig!
I just read the article on PRS's success and it is enlightening , although not a surprise. I bought my first PRS just under 2 years ago after playing my friends Custom 22. It was the first time I had seen a PRS guitar. I had just started playing guitar again after almost 25 years of nearly not playing at all. I purchased a Brent Mason model in a natural finish Korina , and when it arrived and I unboxed it I played it immediately. The only thing necessary was a little tuning. Understandable since it was shipped from a retailer halfway across the country. Now nearly 2 years later it has not seen a luthier and still plays like a dream. The quality and attention to detail are undeniable. Thank you PRS
Thanx for the article link. Very interesting and said in text what I had heard previously. Consistency and continual ongoing quality control is great when its known by consumers. No PRS resellers here in northern Sweden but having checked out on the internet and with my local store I was very confident when I checked some models out when visiting the USA a couple of weeks ago and came home with ☝️.
I’ve played PRSes on hundreds of national TV ads.

In most cases the guitars and amps were more worthy than the product being advertised, and in every case they were more worthy than my production was!

I don’t deserve them.

“It ain’t about deserve, Les.”

“You keep saying that. What’s it about, then?”

“It’s about hundreds of people sharing a vision, and working hard to make those instruments that you aren’t worthy of, but that you buy anyway.”

“I guess it’s not a bad thing that I buy them, then.”

“Exactly. It’s not a bad thing. But those hundreds of people do kinda wish you’d practice a little more often, so, you know, they wouldn’t have to be embarrassed that you’re playing the guitars they make. I mean, good god, man! Pull your socks up! Don’t let them down!”

“You’re right. I’ll try harder.”

“There’s one more thing, Les...”


“Change your strings more often.”