Why PRS is gaining share in the guitar market

Strictly speaking for myself, PRS had the guitar (Vela semi HB) with the sound I was looking for but couldn't find elsewhere. Funny thing is, PRS never registered on my radar until last fall. I'd been trying out other guitars and while I found some great players I wasn't satisfied with the tones. Then one day (for some reason), PRS just popped into my head and I thought "lets see what they have to offer."

I like the clarity of single coils (Strat, Tele) but overall I find the sound is too thin for me for certain things. It works for millions of folks out there but not me. I like the thicker sound of a bridge humbucker but some are too thick in the mids. I've never found a neck humbucker that I liked. There's always too many low-mids that boom out to the point of making the bridge pickup sound weak.

The Vela with the lower output bridge humbucker and it's special design neck single coil pickup was exactly what I was looking for tonally. It also helped that it plays great, it's light weight doesn't hurt my back and it's looks are stunning!
Exactly the same experience for me.
Indeed, PRS is gaining share in the guitar market, a big share I would say as they are not that easy to find in Australia in these days. I guess that sooner than later a big shipment should arrive Downunder.
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