Private stock NGD: March of the Night King. Is this the one to rule them all?


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Apr 13, 2017
So folks I teased about this in a previous thread.
But last Friday morning, I did a very silly thing.

To be clear I was primed for the moment. I had not bought a guitar for many many months ( Had just bought and renovated a house).I had a long and hard earned bonus coming in. I was planning to get a guitar but I didn't quite know what.

Another back story. About two and a half years ago, PRS had launched the Modern Eagle V, and while it had piqued my interest, I wasn't quite sure what I would getting over the 513 beyond the unique nature of the narrow Paul's guitar pickups. Nonetheless I heard enough about the model since then, including on this forum, which did put it on my 'one day' list.

A few days before the Friday, I was browsing the Andertons website during my usual sojourn through the usual spots, sorting guitars from high price to low just for fun and day dreaming. However out of nowhere, appeared one of most beautiful Private Stocks I had ever seen. A ridiculous quilted top, quilted maple fretboard, Frostbite fade colour, all black hardware. I clicked on that picture faster than a dog to a bone and found out more. It was a Modern Eagle V, the perfect Modern Eagle V. At an outrageous price, but more importantly I immediately noticed it was out of stock. I cursed and shut the page, trying not to look at the guitar again, because it had been the perfect guitar but I had missed it.

Friday morning I got up, a little spent after a long run the previous night. As I was setting up for the day and had run through the basic early work email, I was doing a little side browsing to check if my salary had come in (It was pay day and also the one time annual bonus day). It was all good. Since I was taking a small break anyway, something told me just to open my facebook.

And lo and behold, it was that same guitar all over again. A work of art they called it and while normally I am not receptive to marketing spiel, I did agree. I was a little surprised why they were advertising a guitar that had already sold out so I went to their website. And it was in stock.

This is when things become blurry. I have a vague recollection of quickly devouring all the words I could. The specs. Noticing that it was stained by Paul Miles during an Andertons live or some other session of the sort. And the deciding factor. 24 frets. (Side diversion: I have recently fallen in love with 24 fret guitars because they make playing the higher register much easier and the les paul neck tone that I love so much, can be approximated with the right pedals and rolling off the tone knob)

I thought for a second. Even though I felt temporarily flush (there are a lot of bills to pay. It was just a illusion), it was an insane amount of money. I own Private stocks but I'm a bit of the deal hunter (as we all are) and I have never really payed full dollar for something this expensive . Even the 594 Graveyard which I bought new.

Then I thought again about how this guitar was the perfect spec, almost as if it was designed for me. How quilt tops of this quality are getting rarer by the day and how much I liked this particular top. How I had never seen a modern eagle V with 24 frets before. How I thought I had missed this guitar the first time.

A few minutes later the deed was done. I told my wife right after and she was incredibly okay. Helps that I haven't bought a guitar since Jan and if anything this year, I am cash positive on the guitar end. And so the wait began. Till this Thursday evening, till the friendly DHL guy arrived at the door.

So without further ado, here we are folks. The details are

Modern Eagle V 24 fret
Swamp ash body, Ash neck, Quilt maple top and fretboard and matching headstock
Frostbite Glow High Gloss Nitro
Smoked Black Hardware
Abalone birds with Mother of Pearl Outlines and Purfling

<Folks I am afraid Imgur is getting blocked by PRS's website security and Google drive images are also not showing. So I have put it on my website as well as attached the Youtube link for the video of the guitar. In the meantime if someone can tell me what's the latest and greatest method to attach photos directly, I would be very grateful>

Here are the links

My Website: (for the photos):



Sorry - seem to have water in my eye!

That is the most awesome guitar I've ever seen!! Congratulations on the guitar, and the understanding wife! :D
Great model !
Amazing specs !
Stunning looking !

Enjoy that beauty !

(I am taking about your wife because she seems to understand and share your passion but that could be appropriate for the guitar too !)
Oh SNAP! What have they done? Those mad geniuses! I'd fall to the king to partake in that beauty.

Nice score man!