Are cocobolo necks any good?


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Jan 20, 2022
I’ve got a PRS Custom 24 SE currently and looking at ordering a PS, as none of my other guitar seem to play quite like my PRS, and I’m just looking at wood options and wondering. Are the Cocobolo necks any good? I absolutely love the way they look, but I’m not sure on how bad pricing is and if they sound good. Any advice or knowledge on guitars with full cocobolo necks would be great, as I believe it’s what I’m going to go with but I just want to make sure they’re decent, as I want something playable. Also, any experiences in general from PS owners would be great.
Yes, they are good.
I got this one about 10 years ago and have no regrets.
They don’t always have them though.
They make for great desks as well, just ask Saul Goodman...
I've only made one guitar from it , the stuff is spectacular. I prefer Koa as it is not as toxic and gorgeous in eye and ear
It's a true rosewood, so I would expect it to be similar to other pure rosewood necks, if you've ever played a IRW or BRW neck.

I would expect it to be expensive. Cheaper than Brazilian rosewood, but definitely more expensive than Indian rosewood. The sawdust is an extreme irritant and it requires extra care when working. It's totally safe when done, even if left unfinished (and I highly recommend leaving it unfinished).
I've never played a coco guitar, but I've heard some people will swear off an axe with a cocobolo *fretboard*. Maybe it's darker than other rosewoods, that's the only thing I'd guess. Nary a better looking shaft, though, if you had your pick just based on looks.