NGD: 2016 Custom 22 Trem (and a Pattern Thin Neck Carve assessment)

I should have quoted the message above mine :).

Oh, got it! ;)

There was a run of Custom 22 Semi-Hollows in the 2010 timeframe, with the F-Hole.

I remember this well because we had a pretty great get-together when I lived in MA in 2009, John Mann, Kingsley D and BostonGuitar converged on my house a brought a ton of gear. John had just become a PRS dealer that year I think, and he was kind enough to bring several guitars. 2 were these Custom 22 Semi-Hollows. They both were great, but one sounded AMAZING! (It was in the Angry Larry finish - it looked great too!) We all agreed. I was going to buy it, but I made the mistake of waiting a couple of days. Kingsley's brother bought it, before I got a chance to. I took that forward as a lesson - when you play a guitar and it amazes you, buy it right away! (If you can afford it at the time.) I thought of that 2010 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow when I played the Custom 24 Private Stock recently in December, and decided to just buy it, even though I was of the mind at the time that I didn't like Custom 24's. As I was there paying for it, someone called to buy it, had his credit card out and ready! Whew. Good thing I have learned my lesson. ;)


(Apologies for the blurry pic - the iPhone Cameras weren't nearly as good in 2010 as they are now! :))