PRS Neck Carves vs '68 LP Custom?


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Feb 13, 2022
Neck carve nomenclature and measurements is confusing between brands. On the PRS side, my 594s and Tremontis both work very well for me. The Pattern Vintage (594) feels great and natural while the Pattern Thin (Tremonti) is thinner, but still feels great. Previous Jackson/Ibanez necks were too thin and not comfortable for my palm mute & punk influenced playing style, i.e. I am not playing high on the neck nor fast leads. The standard LP Custom neck (not the reproduction models) is listed as a "rounded medium C neck" and a '68 reproduction is listed as a "'68 medium C neck". The non-reproduction LP Custom feels close to the Tremonti, but maybe a little thicker.

I am looking at a '68 reproduction LP Custom and unsure if the neck will be "too thin" for me. Does anyone have a general comparison between PRS neck carves and other manufacturers'?

A request for information is not complete without a nice picture: Cousins - '22 Tremonti stoptail and '23 LP Custom