I like DGT neck profile - what is closest PRS profile? (+Profile name consusion content)


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Jun 27, 2021
Yet another PRS neck profile question.

I like DGT neck profile, but when interested in other models, I have been trying to find one closest to the DGT, which I thought would be the Pattern Regular, based on its profile measurements. It seemed closest to the DGT numbers on paper. However, it feels pretty different due to shape I guess.

On Gibsons, I like the 60s (slimmer) necks. Usually I look for .81 at 1st fret. That's apparenlty the Wide Thin measurement (or is it now called Pattern Thin or is Pattern Thin not same as wide thin?! I recall not liking Wide Thin years ago, but I've likely changed.

Regarding profile names: Some refer to Pattern Vintage (thickest), Pattern Reguard, Pattern Thin, and then just Pattern. I've seen various pages describing these, but people describing these get mixed up. Anyone know the official answer?
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The one that is labeled just "Pattern" is pretty much the same as the old Wide Fat. The DGT and Pattern Regular both have the same nut width, which is narrower than the Patter, Pattern Thin and Pattern Vintage necks.

Here are a couple of resources.

DGT is an interesting neck , narrow at the nut wider as it goes down the neck , a cross between the Pattern reg and the Pattern.
The Fiore and the NF53 are very close. there was also a CU22 Triple P90 that had a DGT neck carve and the original 513 neck carve was close also.
Thanks JasonE for the reference. I've copied some of it below. I didn't realize Pattern VIntage was assymetrical and has less shoulder.

There is a McCart 594 Hollow BodyII at a local store that has a perfect neck for me. However, they say it's Pattern Vintage. Until readying below, I thought they might be mistaken. I thought Pattern Vintage would be thick (like a 58 Les Paul). However, if it is Pattern Vintage, maybe the fact it is assymetrical with less shoulder is what makes it feel just right to me, even though the "Neck Depth at 1 and 12 frets are more than the DGT.

So it looks like I may need to revise my preferred PRS neck preference (other than DGT) is Pattern Vintage instead of Pattern Regular. I will have to confirm this by going to a dealer, none of which are close by.

"The Pattern Vintage neck has the same width measurements as PRS's Pattern neck but is slightly thicker front to back and features an asymmetrical carve with a little less meat on the bass side of the neck toward the nut end and a little less meat on the treble side of the neck from the twelfth fret to the heel."

Neck Shape Neck Width at Nut Neck width at Body Neck Depth at 1/2 FretNeck Depth at 12 1/2 Fret
DGT 1 21/32" [42.06] 2 7/32" [56.337]27/32" [21.41]61/64" [24.20]
Pattern1 11/16" [42.85]2 1/4" [57.15]7/8" [22.22]61/64" [24.20]
Pattern Regular1 21/32" [42.06]2 1/4" [57.15]27/32" [21.41]59/64" [23.39]
Pattern Thin1 11/16" [42.85]2 1/4" [57.15]53/64" [21.03]57/64" [22.60]
Pattern Vintage1 11/16" [42.85]2 1/4" [57.15]7/8" [22.22]63/64" [24.99]