1. A

    Neck shape question

    Hello all! I had a 1997 CE24 with the wide/thin neck and while I loved everything about the guitar, the neck always made my fretting hand cramp after a short while so I sold it. This was with classical hand positions, thumb over, soft touch, didn’t matter. I don’t squeeze the neck or fret...
  2. V

    Intro to the forum and question about Silver Sky Headstock

    Intro into how I got here (Skip if you don't care): Hey guys! new to the forum but not new to guitars or PRS. My CU22 from 2016 has been my favourite guitar for a bit now. Im a huge Strat fan and have always been curious about the Silver Sky but for whatever reason I was always hesitant. Last...
  3. G

    PRS SE One Wraparound Mismatch Radius - HELP!

    Hi! I have a PRS SE One, my guitar tech changed its radius to 12 and installed Jescar 57110 frets. Now the problem is that the radius of its wraparound bridge is 10. And it is not easy to change its radius without causing problems with strings slipping in the grooves and making noises. So, I...
  4. MuffinForce1

    Are cocobolo necks any good?

    I’ve got a PRS Custom 24 SE currently and looking at ordering a PS, as none of my other guitar seem to play quite like my PRS, and I’m just looking at wood options and wondering. Are the Cocobolo necks any good? I absolutely love the way they look, but I’m not sure on how bad pricing is and if...
  5. CB93D

    PRS Vela with Bird Inlays

    Hello everybody, Do you think it’s realistic to expect bird inlays back in the Vela model? I’ve been expecting for years for them to make a comeback on the model, or at least to include them in an upgraded version. Maybe a CE version? At some point I made peaces with the possibility of them not...
  6. I

    Open grain on a rosewood neck

    I just bought a used (barely!) 2017 Private Stock 24:08 with a Brazilian rosewood neck. I've owned several PRS with rosewood (Brazilian and Indian) necks but this is the most pronounced grain I've felt under thumb - and I'm a touch concerned about it. Does this need any special treatment...
  7. C

    Playing on "Wide Thin" profiles coming from strats

    Hey everyone! I've been playing guitar for about a year and a half now, and I've put in my fair share of time practicing. I've been playing my lovely Strat copy and my dad's Ibanez Roadstar II with a rosewood board almost exclusively. Both guitars have standard C-profile necks. I decided to...
  8. MrSuperstar

    Private Stock inlays on the back of the neck?

    Hi guys, recently I saw several Private Stocks with an inlay on the back of the neck, precisely at the junction between the neck and the body. I want to understand how is called this lil type of "upgrade" for PRS, because I would like to add this gem to my private stock order. I've heard...
  9. I

    PRS 35th Anniversary SE Custom 24

    Hi everyone, I bought a PRS 35th Anniversary SE Custom 24 and it's a really nice guitar. I really like the neck, weight and how it feels overall. I do like the coil-split functionality, but for some reason I don't like the humbucker sounds. This is specially evident with the neck pickup, it...
  10. C

    Wide Fat vs. Pattern Regular Necks

    So, I can't get to a PRS dealer soon and I've been doing some reading. I just tried a PRS Acoustic SE and I have a firm idea on the feel of the neck. Now I know that they're different but how different are the pattern regular necks from the wide fat? I've read that the pattern regular is a...
  11. S

    Cracked Lacquer at Neck Joint

    Hey Everyone, I have a 2005 McCarty and last November, noticed some lacquer problems around the neck joint. I asked a top PRS dealer in Wisconsin their opinion - the tech said it seems cosmetic and the sales manager told me this is a common cosmetic issue with old PRS Guitars due to the...
  12. S

    Silver Sky Neck Pocket

    Is it normal to have a gap between the neck and the body here?
  13. B

    Silver Sky Maple Neck Shape

    I've been searching for a 2020 Silver Sky with the modified neck shape that has the rounder shoulders. It was announced that 2020 would mark the year maple necks/fretboards were offered. I'm curious, does anyone know if the maple neck has that rounder Neck profile? If not, anyone knows when...
  14. K

    Why SE Custom 24 use Maple but not Mahogany for neck?

    I'm wondering is there any reason that SE Custom 24 use Maple for neck wood, not Mahogany like the Core Custom 24? Because of COST or TONE? Does anybody know this secret?
  15. N

    PRS Neck Joint’s Are A Mess

    Hey Guys! This is my very first post here as I am finally the proud owner of an artist package McCarty 594. After I received this guitar the first thing I noticed was how bad a tape job they did around the body and neck, I have an unpainted flame maple neck, and where it meets the body it...
  16. A

    SE Neck Recarve

    I have a 2018 SE Chris Robertson. It's a great guitar, in fact one of the best sounding electrics that I have. The color is perfect. It is sort of heavy, but that does not bother me. What does bother me is the neck. It has the chunkiest wide-fat neck I have ever is baseball bat...
  17. alwittlich

    Scratched the back of my rosewood neck. Suggestions on repair?

    Hello. First post here. I recently acquired a lovely 2001 McCarty with the solid rosewood neck. The guitar is great and I have really been enjoying playing it. Recently I was adjusting the neck relief and when I slipped my capo over the neck, the metal edge of it dug into the neck and left a...
  18. Jkater

    How is the scarf joint on your Silver sky? Is it very visible?

    Hi everyone! I just received a Silver sky and the scarf joint near the headstock was quite noticeable due to different shades of the two maple pieces. While I find scarf joint a great idea from a functional point of view, it did bother me a bit from the esthetic. How is it on your SS? If you...
  19. T

    Custom 24 fret size comparison?

    What is the Warmoth fret size closest to the S2 Custom 24?
  20. BonMat

    Total Beginner: Neck Profile

    Looking to tap your collective wisdom about the impact of neck profile for a beginner. I'm a total beginner to guitar, starting at age 39. (I tell my wife, there are worse mid-life crises.) I've been goofing around with my kid's 3/4 scale Squier for a few months now. After a lot of reading...