Pedals and Amps

Nah. I've had every amp I've ever wanted. I love my current lineup. There isn't much out there that moves the needle. I could be perfectly happy with just the DG30 and HXDA, though it's nice to have the Mesa alternatives.

If something calls out to me as a 'must have', I'll get it. But at the moment there isn't anything I feel that strongly about.
Komet ;)
I tried to like Fender amps forever (I was a Strat player back then). I owned everything from vintage Champs to the newfangled modern ones. I played a Roland JC for years too. Then when I switched to PRS guitars, I thought, well, why not try something different with your amps too? Now, I’m a Marshall DSL guy, with two little Marshalls for living room fun. But if PRS ever makes a 1 or 5 watter, I’m getting it!
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When I use my Paisley H Head I don't use any pedals. If I go Tweed Deluxe, it's a Mr. Moto Trem Verb, Boss DD5 delay. Deluxe Reverb gets the Delay. If I feel like Overdrive, it's the J Rockett Alan Holdsworth or Zendrive.
The H is currently used for bass. The Tweed Deluxe and Deluxe Reverb are set at 3 on volume.

If I am playing Dead tunes, the QTron gets plugged in.
Similar for me - I built my dream pedal board before getting my dream amp. Then I got my amp and now most of the pedals go unused.

FWIW my amp does have a footswitch with 2 channels and boost, and my guitar has coil tap and piezo, so there's that....
I love my amps, but I also like what I can do with pedals. And they come in handy for ad sessions I do, when the client wants a particular sound.

Also...I've become kind of attached to the swampy sounds I can create with good modulation pedals. But I rarely use overdrives; the two on my board are set with the gain so low you hardly know they're on, I just use them to color the signal. It's good having the full palette available when I need it.