Small Iron , a change of heart


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Jun 9, 2013
I have to say small iron ( lower wattage ) amps are growing on me.
Here is the revamped amp shelfs :)
The HDRX20 is a stellar place to spend some time , plenty loud but great at a whisper also , I've had other and tried other lower wattage amps , this one is much more usable and easier to dial in than any I have tried before.
And now the most recent the Orange OR15 , I've tried the Terrors just didn't care for them , wanted the Look/ Tone of the more vintage Orange amps and wanted something completely different from my Mesa , took a chance on this one gotta say its a blast. If you don't want to use pedals there is more gain than you could ever use ( IMHO ) but it can also run clean and sound great hitting the front with pedals also has an effects loop.
Really seems to love my HB1 and Special Semi Hollow for some reason ;)
Now maybe I try running both amps at once Hmmm

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I have a Micro Terror that I have carried with me to gigs for quite a few years. I have it as a backup in case my tube amp craps out. It is surprisingly loud and sounds surprisingly good. I took it to practice one night after I got it to see if it would keep up with the volume of the drummer. It did a great job. The guys in the band kind of hurt my feelings though. They told me it sounded better than the head I was using at the time that costs many times more money. I stopped using that head not long after that. :)
I need to open my HDRX20 up and see, but I didn’t think the iron would be all that small on these. It sure “sounds” like a bigger amp.