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X’s New MT 15 Amp Day Video & 1st Thoughts!

My 2019 New Years resolution was to let this thread die, but I’m 21-days in & don’t feel like starting a new thread.

Whatzzzz-Up PRS Boys?

1st off: My MT15 Stage rig is just killing it these days & I had a stellar gig with it this past Saturday (1/19/19) w/ my 90’s band Blender.

Here’s Velvet Revolvers song “Slither” w/ the X-Mann version of Slash’s killer way solo.
This amp sits perfectly in the mix, has plenty of volume & sounds great at volume.

2nd, How you (guys) doin? Any new PRS gear for X-Mas?

3rd - I just released my 3rd iTunes single under the Artist name of (wait for it) “X-Mann”. It’s a song that I shared a rough version of here called “Follow The Leader”

ALL the amp tones are from the Waves PRS Supermodels plug-in & the Archon model.

This is why I looked into the Tremonti MT15 amp in the 1st place & what is my Sound & Tone.

To any of you w/ 99-cents to spare, I do appreacte your support & would love some feedback on the “Top Gun” meets Satriani Instrumental guitar original.

Peace! X-Mann