New Amp Day: PRS 2 Channel H


Who is John Galt?
Sep 20, 2013
I couldn't find an Archon of any generation locally. I considered maybe getting another used Carvin V3, then suddenly I ran across one of these...
A PRS 2 Channel H. So I bought it sight unseen as they say.

The used guitar store was busy as hell and also I wanted to sell them a Les Paul as part of the deal. Many of you on this forum over the years have spoken very highly of this amp, so if I plug in and it sucks, it's all your fault. hahahaha

As I understand it, this is the first amp that Doug Sewell had input into when he was brand new to PRS guitars, straight from Texas, and to my mind, this would explain why so many of you seem to like this amp so much. You'll see in the bottom left corner of the photo that red tolex... That's my Sewell Blistertone 30 that Doug himself built in his old garage back in Texas.
I had a line on a Paisley. Supposedly got dropped and damaged being loaded on it's way to me. Bummer.
I found mine at the Acoustic Guitar Forum Classifieds "Other". The owner wanted $500.
It came in the original box and was showroom clean. Cost half as much as my 1980 hardwired Deluxe Reverb.
He gone yet? :D
After firing Bob in May of 2022, we tried 3 different bassists. First guy had a bad ear and wanted us to write out the charts for 40 blues songs.
The next guy has a great ear, technically perfect,but he bakes bread for a living. Friday gigs are undoable. He has agreed to sit in if and when necessary.
The last guy we've know since the late 60s when we started out. I heard him play bass with the Pinell Brothers, hot **** guitarists with Strats and Showman amps who looked like Eddie Van Halen. First Time I felt the power and volume of hard rock up close.
Larry is outstanding as a musician and bassist.
He's also brutally honest. I suggested the new tune he brought would benefit from swinging rather than straight 4/4. His response was a swift and sharp "Absolutely not!"
Larry can get funky, keep the beat rock solid, and brought Xavier in to sing and play harp.
We are keeping him.