2013 100W Custom H amp Problem - HELP


Kurt L. Freye
Jun 25, 2012
Auerbach-Bensheim, Germany
for some reason when I turned on my H amp it started and then everything shut off. Never had an issue with this amp.

I realised the fuse by the power cable had blown, so I replaced it with a spare fuse which was in the litte fuse tray under the power plug socket.
Now the amp powers up, but no sound comes out ! (all cables are correctly connected !).

Checked its normal 4x10 PRS Custom Cab (30w Celestion G10 Greenbacks) with 50w PRS H amp and no issue there.......

tubes look all powered up, any suggestions as to what could be happening here ?

only 1 I could find. There was a spare fuse in the fuse tray, but the spare fuse slot has no electrical connections.
On my SE50, which I think was modelled after the H but put on a PC board, had a 2nd fuse inside the guts of the amp. If it's the same on the H, you'll have to take the amp out and look inside. It's not hard, but be careful of the large capacitors...
If your amp is like my Custom 50 (and I’d think it probably is), there are two fuses next to the IEC power connector, that hang down vertically out of the chassis - you’d have to take the back plate off to access them. Unscrew the round plastic caps and they should come out.
Something is wrong inside the amplifier. Either a bad component (most likely a failed capacitor or rectifier diode) or tube. Unless you can safely discharge the power supply inside the amplifier, I would take it to certified amp technician for diagnosis and treatment. Don't hurt yourself.
Sorry to hear about the amp trouble, mate. But props to you for swapping out the fuse, but still no tunes, huh? That's a real head-scratcher. You've checked the tubes, cables are all snug... tricky.
Since it's still on the fritz, might be worth getting a pro to give it a once-over. Could be a sneaky issue deep inside, like a busted capacitor or a dodgy connection. A tech might spot something you missed. When we had electrical gremlins at our place, we called in a commercial electrician Ottawa, and they were lifesavers. Even though they usually handle bigger jobs, they know their stuff when it comes to amps, too.
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