1. Utkarsh

    A runthrough of my first generation Tremonti, a personal story and comparing it with the 594

    Folk, the last couple of days were a little annoying as the air conditioner in my music room started leaking, unnoticed to me. The consequence was a little lake formed on my carpet and so I had to move it out of the room, which also meant I had to relocate the sixty guitar cases on top of said...
  2. Utkarsh

    2022 Tremonti Comprehensive Owner Review

    As some of you may recall, I got myself a beautiful Purple mist Tremonti Wood Library with a stunning stained maple neck and ebony fretboard about 6 months ago. It is an incredible guitar and deserves a good review/demo which I finally got round to doing. It is different from Tremontis of old...
  3. Utkarsh

    Double NGD: Paul's Brushstroke 24 and original run Tremonti

    Friends, Judge me not but here I have gone and done it again. In my defense it was a bundle deal and both have been on the wishlist for years, but nonetheless two very serious guitars in one single day Exhibit 1 is the limited 200 piece only Paul's Brushstroke 24. The marriage between a Paul's...
  4. Utkarsh

    Double NGD: When a Raspberry Archtop met a Purple Tremonti

    So to be clear they arrived a day from each other. But why let facts get in the way of a good story. Part 1: I'll start off with the Archtop. That model of guitar has always been a little bit of the one that got away. A few years ago, I encountered a natural Amber one locally but at the time I...
  5. Ovibos

    Make an S2 Tremonti!

    Cores are becoming quite pricy, and since getting a Vela I’m a big fan of the S2 line. I’m not the market for a McCarty as I mostly like more modern pickups. I don’t have a Tremonti but once I went S2 I’m less likely to go SE. An S2 Tremonti would be great, and could do solid color finishes...
  6. Bradley Gavel

    The Family (so far)

    I like Singlecuts alright, it's a disease, you're not perfect either :D (and a random Mexican black Strat haha)
  7. Utkarsh

    Tremonti Baritone Hybrid Review

    Hi folks, Hope you have all been well Firstly apologies that I haven't been active in a while. Been house hunting, then shifting and everything that comes along with that. That said, I have a nice new studio space to play guitar and shoot videos, and a beautiful new Tremonti Baritone I...
  8. N

    Tremonti Route details

    Hi. I have a PRS SE Standard 24 and I was thinking of having it routed similar to Tremonti to gain a little more up movement on the tremolo. I notice that if I route the wood beneath the back of the bridge there will be an open space dropping straight back to the back plate as the wood is quite...
  9. J

    Authentic question

    Hi, so I had purchased these “mark Tremonti USA pickups” but a lot of red flags seem to be showing? Are these authentic or should I return them?
  10. Guitarjon

    MT15 versatility test

    Hey all, I have a new video demo series in which I'm demoing 32 tube amps. The idea is basically that I wrote a song that has a bunch of different styles/tones in it, from clean to mean. Of course I also had to feature my trusty MT15. Such a legendary amp already! I think the MT15 is pretty...
  11. Relic

    SE Tremonti Standard - They changed the electronics layout & cavity cover?

    Hi all, I'm opening this thread to double-check, as I have just received a PRS SE Tremonti Standard (2019/2020 w/ Trem) in Europe from Thomann, that this isn't a one-off / QC slip. Basically, it seems they changed the control layout from what's on my other USA Tremonti's, USA Singlecuts & SE...
  12. J

    Tremonti Treble vs HFS in a Custom 22?

    Hi, I own an SE Custom 22 with a Gibson Dirty Fingers in the bridge (was a big Blink 182 fan at the time I put it in), and I also own a Tremonti SE with the US Tremonti pickups in it which I love the sound of and I’m considering replacing the Dirty Fingers with a Tremonti in the CU22. Has...
  13. S

    USA Tremonti -- Small crack at neck joint?

    Hi all, I'm a first time poster, longtime reader. Just got my dream guitar, a Core Tremonti. However, I noticed a small crack in the finish where the neck meets the body. How concerned should I be about this? I can't tell how common this is...
  14. Siddiq

    WTB Mark Tremonti Artist Package

    Hey PRS family. First post! I’ve really just browsed the forums casually over the years. Owner of a PRS SE Singlecut 2008. I think it’s time to upgrade to a USA model. I’ve always wanted a Tremonti as I mostly cover his music/ hard rock or just dabble in some bluesy licks running through a Mesa...
  15. Hungerbeast

    2-Wire to 4-Wire Conversion

    Has anyone here ever converted a 2-conductor pickup into a 4 conductor pick up? I ask because I have a Tremonti SE that I’ve upgraded with USA Pickups. I added a push/pull pot the bridge Humbucker and it’s awesome, I love having the versatility of coil splitting. I want to do it to the neck as...
  16. rnodern

    New Guitar Day - Artist w/Maple Neck

    Been a while since I've posted. Ordered this back in 2017 and picked it up this week. It's a Tremonti Artist in Fire Red Burst. Hybrid hardware, adjustable stoptail. Maple neck and fretboard. I am in love!
  17. Utkarsh

    594 vs. Tremonti. Thoughts?

    So I'm a long term Les Paul and then 594 player who recently fell in love with a Artist Pack Tremonti I acquired recently. So these are my thoughts..articulated in more detail in my video below. Different strokes for different folks 594: high quality, high definition 'vintage' Les Paul Tremonti...
  18. Utkarsh

    PRS Tremonti: New convert

    Hi all, Owner of multiple PRSs (Custom 22, 24, 513, DGT, 594) but this is my first Tremonti. And I am absolutely blown away. Quick video with my thoughts,
  19. G

    PRS Tremonti SE question about pickup and bridge setup

    Hi i'm watching this video and reading may i ask you 2 questions? 1) what pickups does the prs tremonti se ? in the video he said prs 245 but on the linked page Tremonti "S" can i modify them to use in a splittable way (single...
  20. X

    New Suhr Doug Aldrich Pickup install & MT15 play through!

    Hey all!!! X here & I hope everyone is still Rocking out on their PRS Amps!!!! I’ve been going through a lot of new and different pickup selections for my different non-PRS guitars. #sorrynotsorry :D I’m a fan of the Steve Stevens Bareknuckle Pickups & his “Rebel Yell” set. I love a Motor...