Make an S2 Tremonti!


Naughty Wood Librarian
Jan 9, 2015
Wilmette, IL
Cores are becoming quite pricy, and since getting a Vela I’m a big fan of the S2 line.

I’m not the market for a McCarty as I mostly like more modern pickups. I don’t have a Tremonti but once I went S2 I’m less likely to go SE.

An S2 Tremonti would be great, and could do solid color finishes in metallic or matte.
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I have both a signature and an SE Tremonti. While the SE is a good guitar, the signature is amazing. I got it used as they are pricey, but the comparison between the two is obvious. Have to admit though, only played one S2 so not totally up to speed on the sound and feel. I did put some doug aldrich pups in the Tremonti SE, and that really gave it a nice tone