New Suhr Doug Aldrich Pickup install & MT15 play through!


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Aug 31, 2018
Hey all!!!

X here & I hope everyone is still Rocking out on their PRS Amps!!!!

I’ve been going through a lot of new and different pickup selections for my different non-PRS guitars. #sorrynotsorry :D

I’m a fan of the Steve Stevens Bareknuckle Pickups & his “Rebel Yell” set. I love a Motor City Pickups “Hot Head” through the MT15 amp.

Here’s my fun (& not so fun) Suhr Dough Aldrich Pickup installation video into my Carvin/Kiesel CS Gold Top Guitar.

Skip ahead (2:40) to get to the playing & it’s ALL Tremonti MT15 tones!!! \m/

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry & you’ll kiss 7-minutes goodbye! :rolleyes:

Please take anything I say or do here as entrainment only.....& what works for me, may not work for you!!! ;)

Peace! X-Mann
Sounds great. I’ve heard nothing but good things about those pickups.
Hilarious video! Love the Aldrich pick ups. I had a set in a PRS KL-33 (all Korina Santana for those that don't know). They ripped!