MT15 versatility test


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Jan 11, 2020
Hey all,

I have a new video demo series in which I'm demoing 32 tube amps. The idea is basically that I wrote a song that has a bunch of different styles/tones in it, from clean to mean. Of course I also had to feature my trusty MT15. Such a legendary amp already!

I think the MT15 is pretty darn versatile. It's not a good amp for low-gain/crunch tones imho. Not that it can't do that but it's just not where the amp shines. It's obviously a better amp for clean or heavy tones and that's how it was designed. Still, I wanted to see how well this amp would perform in this series and the results are pretty darn good, as usual with this amp haha!

So here it is:

When all 32 seperate episodes are done I'm going to make a compilation under the name 'One Song, 32 Amps!' and when that's done you'll be able to compare the amp to 31 other amps. Should be fun ;)