2022 Tremonti Comprehensive Owner Review


Ministry of guitar
Apr 13, 2017
As some of you may recall, I got myself a beautiful Purple mist Tremonti Wood Library with a stunning stained maple neck and ebony fretboard about 6 months ago.

It is an incredible guitar and deserves a good review/demo which I finally got round to doing. It is different from Tremontis of old but in a good way. I guess TCI and nitro does make a difference

For your viewing and hopefully listening pleasure.
I keep going between my 594 and Tremonti for my singlecut fix. It’s been Tremonti of late.

I just snagged a Tremonti with a stained flame maple neck as well and a Brazilian board….it’s phenomenal!
As the proud owner of 3 2022 Tremonti's I appreciated your in-depth review. Great tones and style. I also share the honor of switching between SC594's and the Tremontis. Fun problems to have. Thanks for the review!
Amazing guitars to say the least. Mine just screams and sings, and love playing is as I am NOT a LP fan at all. Good luck with that beauty