85/15 TCI vs 85/15 MT? differences? did I buy wrong pickups?

Yeah, I don't think he followed my layout at all. He probably couldn't understand what it was supposed to do, as this split form is a bit uncommon.
Hey Simon,

I know it's been a while, but I brought my guitar to a local luthier and I think he may have messed up my wiring.

I cannot find ways to post photos here, so here's the link to the other forum with photos.


Basically, it turned out that my guitar had 12 contacts. What confuses me is that my luthier installed pickups in a reverse position unlike your instruction, then soldered wirings at different spots. Is this wrong?
Do you think this current layout would affect the sound? Thats what I am mostly concerned about.
I'm not sure; it's hard to see in the pictures. I know nothing about your tech. If he hadn't followed my layout, the splits would sound different for sure