1. G

    what's the story with Standard 24 models? (Not SE - US made)

    One day I stumbled upon this used model called Standard 24. From my research (not a whole lot of information out there about this one), it was a stripped down version of US core models at that time, which was very short lived on and off even though it was around since the beginning of PRS. I...
  2. M

    Wide Fat neck vs Wide Thin

    I am the owner of thirteen PRS guitars at the moment, having more than sixty guitars which I use in the studio, live concerts and lessons. Among them there are some fine Gibson Les Pauls and archtops, some Heritage (mostly archtops) few Fender tele and strats, Eastmans, Gretsches, D' Angelico's...
  3. G

    PRS SE Custom 24 bridge WAY off center - what to do other than refunds?

    Hey, so I bought this limited edition blue matteo PRS SE Custom 24 from Japan and I got it today. Beautiful guitar, but unfortunately tremolo screw holes seemed to be WAY off center; I actually have the same model and when I compared them two you can tell there's def something wrong with the...
  4. G

    SE blue matteo - can't decide which top to get

    I have decided to get a new guitar from Japan - apparently they have this beautiful Blue Matteo finish for SE models for a limited time. I have narrowed down to four guitars but I honestly cannot decide on which to buy. Obviously I can't fly to Japan so I asked for additional photos and have...
  5. G

    noticeable differences between SE bevel vs shallow violin?

    been looking at some SE Custom 24 models - noticed that PRS claims that the top carve has changed from bevel to "shallow violin". For those of you who currently own or owned guitars with both carves - are there any major differences? I can't tell from the photos because they all have different...
  6. A

    Neck shape question

    Hello all! I had a 1997 CE24 with the wide/thin neck and while I loved everything about the guitar, the neck always made my fretting hand cramp after a short while so I sold it. This was with classical hand positions, thumb over, soft touch, didn’t matter. I don’t squeeze the neck or fret...
  7. H

    '99 PRS Custom 22 Tremolo Bar

    Greetings to the members of the forum. My name is Haris and this is my first post. I have recently bought a 1999 PRS Custom 22 Tremolo 10-Top. The guitar is awesome but unfortunately the original owner had lost the tremolo bar. Do I need a push-in tremolo bar or a the one that turns like a...
  8. T

    NGD: 2022 Mark Holcomb SVN

    Follow up to my other two threads. TLDR: I bought one of these that had been messed with and didn't like it, but decided to get a proper one. Only played about 10 minutes, and still cold from sitting outside, so I'll put some more time into it this weekend. So far I love it though. Pickups are...
  9. Hans Lee


    Hi there PRS lovers! I have been looking for more information about the PRS SE STANDARD 24 MULTIFOIL FINISH. I have found plenty of info about the Multi Metal from the late 80's. Just wanted to know how many PRS SE STANDARD 24 MULTIFOIL were made. I heard a guy from my country saying there...
  10. B

    PRS hate! Why?

    Well .. basically this video ! I don’t care for peoples opinions on hating a brand but seriously I have recently bought a PRS - it’s a dream guitar for me and will be a family heir loom. But why on earth when I take it to a blues club ( and it plays and sounds better than other brands ) are...
  11. Utkarsh


    I believe the scientific terminology is ‘ Baby did a bad bad thing’ You know the guitars I have and what I like. Please tell me how I could resist
  12. G

    85/15 TCI vs 85/15 MT? differences? did I buy wrong pickups?

    so I stumbled upon this limited edition 85/15 pickup sets that were released in Dec; I bought them and it's on my way to put them in my S2 Custom 24-08 as an upgrade. Then I read somewhere that in order to truly make them sound like single coils you have to use the ones with MT or something like...
  13. G

    Does PRS make guitars with different neck profile other than what's mentioned on catalog and website?

    So I am in the process of purchasing and found this S2 Custom 24-08. The seller keeps insisting that the neck profile is pattern regular, but on the catalog and the website they clearly mention the neck profile as pattern thin. Pattern regular is nowhere to be found. I am curious whether PRS...
  14. G

    PRS S2 CU 24 - upgrading bridge and pickups worth the price and effort?

    Hi guys, I recently bought my second PRS - S2 Custom 24 this time. it's sitting on my apartment door and I will be finally get to play it tomorrow. I heard that its pickups and bridge are same as ones on SE line (Korean made, 85/15S). I am trying to figure out whether I should do upgrades. I am...
  15. FatFingerBlues

    New impulse buy on a singlecut - now NGD

    Okay so I bought a guitar off of ebay on a whim it was cheap so when it comes in I'll clean it up and play it or move it on by serial number it is a 2009 PRS SE Singlecut it looks good for what I paid for it but I am wondering what the pick ups are They are supposed to be the original PRS...
  16. shimmilou

    SE Cu24 Mods, mini toggles

    Tried a set of SD Alnico II pickups, and didn’t care for the sound compared to the stock 85/15 S. Putting the stock 85/15 S pickups back in, but wanted to add covers, both for looks and for the subtle sound difference the covers add, slightly less edgy, just a bit smoother sound. While changing...
  17. J

    Recently purchased mt15 wondering about the parallel jacks

    Hello! I just recently purchased a mt15 amp and I’m deciding on what I want to run for a cabinet setup. Upon inspection of the amp I saw the 2 parallel 8 ohm speaker jacks. I was just wondering if I run 2x16 ohm cabs in the parallel would they be running at full or would I want to run 2x8 ohm...
  18. J

    PRS SE Mira mods

    Hey guys! i am a new owner of a PRS SE Mira. Sadly the guitar arrived with a faulty selector switch. Not a big deal, im replacing all the electronics with high quality parts. My question is, I play a lot of punk rock and blues. I find the pickups a little muddy, esspecially the neck pickup. On...
  19. Cory A.W.

    Custom 24 Floyd Fire Red

    Hey all, just wanted to drop a link to a great deal on Reverb! These don't come around often, & here's a gorgeous example of workmanship... grab one for Christmas. Said he'd take $2900 Custom 24 Floyd Fire Red
  20. N

    PRS SE Swamp Ash (Quality Control Issues)

    Greetings all PRS’ers, I don’t know if it’s luck of the draw or what…but I ordered a SE Swamp Ash (Iris Blue) Tuesday of last week from zZounds and actually received the guitar this past Saturday. I decided I’m keeping this specific guitar because I don’t want to get into a cycle of...