1. H

    Amp to go along with archon 100??

    Hey guys didnt know where to post so made a new thread. Pretty sure there’s a thread somewhere similar to this. You can direct me if not then well here’s the thing. I’m looking to get another amp so a buddy of mine can play with us in a band. Saw couple of archon 100 in reverb but havent pulled...
  2. Yellow_Tiger

    Archon 50 MK2 - Volume and versatility?

    Hi all, Hope you’re all well. I’m Jamie and I’ve recently just joined this fine forum. After trying my first Core guitar some 5 weeks ago and being blown away with it, I very quickly sold off my Gibson’s and Fenders and bought a new Core Paul’s Guitar and Core Tremonti. Safe to say I saw the...
  3. Guitarjon

    Archon 50 vs Orange Rockerverb

    I thought this would be a fun comparison to make since these amps have some similarities but they are also quite unique in their own ways. They both have 2 channels (clean and high gain) so they are well suited for similar styles, they are both 50 watts so equally as powerful etc. Despite being...
  4. Guitarjon

    One Guitar vs 53 Amps (MT15 & Archon 50 included)

    Every once in a while as my amp collection grows, I like to do something a little crazy.... In this past year I got a Gibson Les Paul Custom. It's probably my favorite guitar! I basically wanted to hear how this guitar sounds through my entire amp collection. No clean tones, just one high gain...
  5. Q

    Are these common issues with the Archon 50?

    Hello all! Recently I purchased a store demo-model Archon 50 head off of the internet for a nice discount and I just got it last week. However, when I brought it in to the music store to test some cabinets one or two issues appeared with the head. One is that the lead channel sounded very, for...
  6. X

    X’s New MT 15 Amp Day Video & 1st Thoughts!

    Hey Guys, I finally received my Mark Tremonti PRS MT 15 amp yesterday at 2pm. I was only able to play it for a short amount of time, but I documented it all......& here are my 1st thoughts. I decided to do an unboxing video & usually never do this. The amp has some weight to it and looks...
  7. S

    Archon tube swap questions

    Looking to pick up either the 50 or 100 Archon head in the coming weeks and have a few questions regarding the power tubes. Can the amp be loaded with either 6l6 or EL34 tubes with just a rebiasing? Or... is there specifically designated 6l6 and EL34 versions that wont handle the other tube...
  8. S

    Sorry, posted thread to this forum by mistake

    Posted thread to proper forum
  9. H

    Archon issues?

    Hi, new guy here I just recently bought a store demo Archon 100 from early 2014 (january?). It was shipped to me, and upon arrival I thought that I had to turn the amp up too high on the master of the lead channel to get a usable volume (3 o clock), and to get usable distortion I almost had to...
  10. TroyBaer

    Power tube rolling in the Archon 50

    My Archon 50 head came stock with a pair of JJ 6L6s. but the amp will also take EL34s and KT66s. I've been wanting to try those out, especially KT66s. So, through the magic of Amazon, I came into a pair of JJ E34Ls and a pair of Shuguang KT66s and tried them out in the Archon. Also, just for...
  11. D

    Modding my Archon 50, along with some questions

    I'm in the process of getting my Archon 50 head modded, solely for aesthetic reasons. So far, I had it retolexed awhile back to match my MESA 4x12 and quell my inner OCD about that. As for other things I'm looking forward to: -PRS doesn't make wooden...
  12. D

    A couple of my PRS guitars

    Not an NGD by any stretch (sorry), but here are a couple PRS guitars that I have used for a long time and I'd be remiss to not share anything about them here. First one is a CE-24 that's my first ever PRS, I consider it my first ever good guitar. It's not that fanciest guitar I've ever owned...
  13. Buck

    Archon 25 vs 50 Combo

    Need some advice from Archon owners please! So I've got a pre-order in for the new MT15...but after much coaxing from forum members, have decided to also trade a seldom used Blackstar for either an Archon 25 or 50 watt combo. Who says you can't own an Archon and an MT15! There is a used 25...
  14. E

    Switch channels on PRS Archon 100 with Line 6 Helix

    Hello everyone, Sometimes while playing a set with my band I have situations in which I have to change channels on my amp as well as change effects. Can someone tell me if it's possible to change amplifier channels with another external device (in my case a Line 6 Helix)? I would love to...
  15. B

    Archon 25 EL34 bias question?

    My archon had 5881's that were both dead on 30mV. I just put in some new Mullard El34's and after adjusting, the bias pot is maxed. One tube shows 27.6 mV and the other, 24.7mV. Is this a huge deal being that they are supposed to be 30mV? This is my first tube amp I've had to bias and I'm not...
  16. D

    high quality high gain tubes for Archon Head 50/25

    I have Ruby tubes in my Archon 50/25 watt head but I'm curious what else is out there that would be better or I should look at. Need high quality high gain tubes with a punchy low end but can also produce balance mids and warm clean tone. Might be asking for to much by I figured I should see...