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  1. Utkarsh

    Can the Hollowbody II play metal or high gain?

    The short answer is yes Over making last week's video, I was pleasantly surprised by the tones I was getting running my core HB2 through a Friedman esque as well as a higher gain patch. There is this overall myth about needing high output pickups for tightness. Also hollowbodies of the past have...
  2. P

    Pickup Decisions…HELP!

    Trying to pin down a good upgrade set of pickups for my daily driver. she’s a 2002 Santana SE All mahogany body/neck Rosewood fretboard Stoptail Bridge Tuning : she lives in E Standard & Drop D 40/60 of the time, for all playing styles. I never tune it below Drop D, as I have a Strat that lives...
  3. Utkarsh

    Collection Chronicles: My 'DGT of DOOM'

    Some of you are aware that I have a DGT lurking about in the collection. Fewer of you are aware that I have modified it to an inch of its life (not really. I just liked the turn of phrase) Jokes apart, my 2018 Charcoal Purple Burst DGT is one of my favourite guitars, particularly because it...
  4. SaintTachyon

    PRS SE 24 Standard Pickup Upgrade suggestions?

    So... I've been absolutely loving this guitar but the pickups at best i dont care for, at worst i resent. Getting a good articulate clean sound out of them is a struggle, with high gain metal tones things are better but the note definition could be better. I'm looking for an affordable lower...
  5. Chris Crumpton

    Tuning fun and conundrums

    I’m having issues with my new CE24 staying in tune when I go to drop D. But once I go back to standard it’s solid as a rock. Is the trem on CE24 similar to other floating trems where the springs need to be balanced out to accommodate tuning changes? Also My preferred string gauges are 10-52 in...
  6. A

    Prs 59/09 for metal ?

    Hello everyone ... First post here ... I have a custom 24 ten top but the previous owner had changed the pickups with 59/09 . I play metal and I am not sure but feeling that are not the appropriate metal pickups ... But yet I am not sure about that so may you tell me your opinion ? Anyone plays...
  7. A

    Mark Holcomb SE Signature 7 String Possibility

    Hey guys, I own 2 Holcomb SE Models (Holcomb Burst, Satin Grey Black) and absolutely love them all around. I also have a PRS SVN that I've upgraded, but I would love to see a 7 string version of the Holcomb SE. Does anyone else feel the same? If so how can we make this happen?
  8. X

    X’s New MT 15 Amp Day Video & 1st Thoughts!

    Hey Guys, I finally received my Mark Tremonti PRS MT 15 amp yesterday at 2pm. I was only able to play it for a short amount of time, but I documented it all......& here are my 1st thoughts. I decided to do an unboxing video & usually never do this. The amp has some weight to it and looks...
  9. D

    New album, heavy PRS content

    Hi all, I’m pleased to announce that I have recently released an album pertaining to a project I’ve worked on the side for some time. It’s named “Death Be Not Proud,“ both as a throwback in remembrance of my old band of the same time and as a continuation of that sort of thing in some small...
  10. AxlGianne

    Replace Stock Pickup

    Hi everyone! I would like to replace stock bridge pickups on my PRS SE CUSTOM 24 (2016). I would like to have more sustain, more mids and just a little more output. I think that stock pu is good for studying but in live and in recording studio it seems to me....mmm... dull. No body, little...
  11. K

    New humbuckers for sc250?

    Greetings from finland! I just purchased my first prs, and its just an incredible instrument. Now i need to replace these original 250 pickups for something more suitable for playing metal. I was thinking about placing something "hot sounding", like a duncan distortion to bridge and paf pro...
  12. D

    Pickup Suggestion For SE Akesson

    Hello , I own a Prs Se Fredrik Akesson . I really want to dial in a metal tone but I find my guitar's bridge too muddy for distorted sounds. I am looking for a bridge&neck set or just a bridge pickup. I love my neck pickup , so I thought that just a bridge pickup is enough for me. I like the EMG...
  13. D

    Please help me to choose PRS SE 245 or Akesson

    Hi guys, Im a 16 years old guitarist from Turkey. I love to play British Heavy Metal and Thrash Metal genres. I am also a blues enthusiast. I am looking for a both smooth both solid guitar tone. I really loved PRS SE Fredrik Akesson. Some said the only difference between PRS SE 245 and Akesson...