1. J

    Recently purchased mt15 wondering about the parallel jacks

    Hello! I just recently purchased a mt15 amp and I’m deciding on what I want to run for a cabinet setup. Upon inspection of the amp I saw the 2 parallel 8 ohm speaker jacks. I was just wondering if I run 2x16 ohm cabs in the parallel would they be running at full or would I want to run 2x8 ohm...
  2. S

    MT15 5881 Can I swap in 6L6GC's?

    I have my buddy's MT15 that I have been checking out and love it. I am considering ordering one. However, the new ones come with the 5881's. I am wondering if i for some reason do not care for the 5881's can I swap in 6L6GC's in it or is there more to it than a simple tube swap? Thanks in...
  3. Guitarjon

    One Guitar vs 53 Amps (MT15 & Archon 50 included)

    Every once in a while as my amp collection grows, I like to do something a little crazy.... In this past year I got a Gibson Les Paul Custom. It's probably my favorite guitar! I basically wanted to hear how this guitar sounds through my entire amp collection. No clean tones, just one high gain...
  4. ThemBones24

    Any budget multi-effect processor recommendations for MT15?

    Hi, I recently purchased an MT15 amp head. My initial thoughts was I really wish they had some reverb optional settings/button on this. The other, I think I need some delay and EQ pedals to experiment with in the effects loop...along with reverb. Which is why I'm wondering if anyone has any...
  5. S

    MT15 Replacement Power Tube Selection

    My older MT15 has the factory installed RUBY 6L6GCMSTR (short bottle 6L6) power tubes. Since I've played the MT15 5-10 hours per week for 2.5 years, I'm planning to replace the power tubes soon. I love the sound of the Ruby tubes and clearly they have lasted well, but they are currently/no...
  6. tigerza

    My Cabinet Just Came In!!

  7. H

    MT15 huge level boost from fx loop

    So I got a new noise gate pedal (Klirrton Schnauze, it's pretty great). When I use it with 4 cable method it's all fine, but when I use it 4 cable method with a preamp pedal into the fx return, there's a huge level boost. (guitar > schnauze input > preamp pedal > schnauze loop input > MT15 fx...
  8. Guitarjon

    MT15 versatility test

    Hey all, I have a new video demo series in which I'm demoing 32 tube amps. The idea is basically that I wrote a song that has a bunch of different styles/tones in it, from clean to mean. Of course I also had to feature my trusty MT15. Such a legendary amp already! I think the MT15 is pretty...
  9. A

    MT15 FX Loop

    Hi, does anyone know that if i pass my signal through the fx loop (return) of mt 15, does the signal goes through 6L6 tubes before reaching cabinet. I intend to use this signal chain with my multi-fx floor board. Nothing goes through front input.
  10. A

    MT 15 Mark Tremonti Settings

    Hi, Does anyone know what settings mark tremonti likes on his signature amp mt 15 for both lead and clean channel?
  11. Bucks

    MT15 speaker cable

    Hi guys, I have just recently purchased an MT15 with matching cab. I have been using a patch cable to connect the head to the cab and I was told by a friend that it wasn’t advisable to do that. I was just wondering if people could recommend a cable to purchase instead? Many thanks in advance
  12. Mr.Tim

    Help With MT15 Noise

    I ran into the oddest and noisiest hum on my MT15. Now the noise only starts when I run effects through the FX loop, I have tried the same setup though my Mesa and do not get any noise, but when I unplug the chords in the loop the noise goes away. Ive replaced the preamp tubes so I don’t feel...
  13. Guitarjon

    MT15 in-depth

    Hey guys! MT15 owner and fan here, really love that amp! I've compared it to my other amps a bunch of times and the MT15 always ends up as one of the best, even compared to my Boogies. The sound of the amp is just so nicely voiced. The clean channel is very nice with a lot of headroom so it...
  14. Jess O'Toole

    MT15 Help!!!

    Hey all, I've had my MT15 for a few months now and it's suddenly stopped working properly. It is super quiet even at full volume, and as a tube amp novice I have no idea how to fix this problem! It started very early on with slight ducking in volume, but now it won't come back up at all and I'm...
  15. Van Noord

    MT15 w/ WGS G12C & G12T-75

    With the speaker talk surrounding this amp lately I made two quick videos of the speakers I'm currently using with my MT15. Each speaker is in its own separate 112 cab. Tones are high gain at TV/bedroom levels.
  16. X

    New Suhr Doug Aldrich Pickup install & MT15 play through!

    Hey all!!! X here & I hope everyone is still Rocking out on their PRS Amps!!!! I’ve been going through a lot of new and different pickup selections for my different non-PRS guitars. #sorrynotsorry :D I’m a fan of the Steve Stevens Bareknuckle Pickups & his “Rebel Yell” set. I love a Motor...
  17. D

    MT15 and Speaker Cabinets

    First, my apologies if this is a already a topic. I did a search and couldn't find it. Ok... the question. Is it safe to use 2 8ohm cabinets with this amp? One in each of the parellel 8ohm outputs. I have 2 mesa 8ohm 2x12's. I'm not sure what this brings the resistance to and if it would...
  18. vchizzle

    another MT-15 thread

    Was doing some random web browsing while watching my football team get pounded, I saw an MT-15 in stock that was only about an hour away. As the game got worse, I called the store and asked them to hold it so I didn't waste the drive time. They did and I went. Tested it briefly in the store and...
  19. X

    X’s New MT 15 Amp Day Video & 1st Thoughts!

    Hey Guys, I finally received my Mark Tremonti PRS MT 15 amp yesterday at 2pm. I was only able to play it for a short amount of time, but I documented it all......& here are my 1st thoughts. I decided to do an unboxing video & usually never do this. The amp has some weight to it and looks...