Pre-S2 Miras?

I had a couple from the original series and a nice custom spec’d one with a killer flame maple top. The necks and the pickups are usually pretty good but for some reason I could never bond with them.
There's a 2008 Mira on CL near me. It's been listed off and on for several months. $1450, with a pretty rough looking headstock. The rest looks decent. I was giving it very serious thought, but ended up with my Santana III. I had some money burning a hole in pocket for a "core I could afford." That green '11 at $1K and in better condition looks like a nice deal.
There is a 2011 Mira listed locally to me for $1k. Love the color, not sold on the shape, but I was curious are these up to par with core stuff? Or was this model an early experimentation with some of the "cut corners" of the S2 line? (note, I absolutely love S2s)
I have been keeping a close eye on the available Mira's recently, and just bought a 2008 myself. If the guitar you showed is in good shape, then that is a really good price.

Frankly, I find it shocking that one can buy a core PRS Mira so inexpensively still. They seem to have not been hammered by the post-covid price increases the way the other PRS guitars have.

I recently bought my daughter a Mira SE as her first electric guitar, and after playing around with it for much of the summer, I needed a Mira for myself. Miras are great guitars.
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Being that I like 22 frets and wide-fat necks, the X was my target. I slept on these when introduced, and before you could blink they were gone! Looked off and on for a few years, and magically this one appeared in a shop in NOLA. The Green Hornet: