What was your very first PRS...??

Mine was a Core Custom 22, whale blue. I bought in 1998 new, so I assume it was either a 98 or 97. I stopped playing guitar for about a decade, when I took it back up I sold it to fund the purchase of a strat. Wish I still had it. But I like the other PRS’s I’ve acquired since more than that one.
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For the very first time in history, I WILL BE speaking on behalf of the entire Forum, when I ask, exactly how did you know about this?
At this point I'll just point out I'm grateful nobody here makes a habit OF SCREAMING IN ALL CAPS.
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2000 McCarty 10 Top Dark Cherry Sunburst. Traded in a 95 LP Std Plus and a Taylor 510 for it.

Sold it to my brother in 2011, who unlike me is a savvy and patient buyer. He still has it.

I then bought a 2011 PRS C24 Exp Ltd in Burnt Almond, which in 2014 I traded (+cash) for this one (another McCarty at its heart).

That Doesn't Make It Right. ;) Ha!

I Know It Is Often Spelled That Way In Other Countries. I Was Kindly Taking The Piss Out Of The Guy. I Was Wrong For Stooping To His Level. :)
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I was looking for a guitar to back up the LP custom deluxe I’d struggled with through several fret jobs and a fretboard planing. Damn thing still wouldn’t stay in tune. I bought a used SE Singlecut w/P90’s for $225. It played in tune and stayed in tune better than my G for an absolute fraction of the price. I sold all my Gibsons (LP, EBO bass, and L7C) and never looked back. I’m deep in the soup now.
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My first PRS was an Elephant Gray S2 Custom 24 30th Anniversary, bought it in 2014, still have it. I am not a big fan of Pattern Regular necks, but there is something special about the way this guitar sounds and plays. And that's how my love for PRS guitars started.
Wish I had a picture of mine, but it was a Custom 24 Stoptail in Grey-Black with birds and a Wide Thin neck that I bought new from Guitar Center back in the day. I really wanted to LOVE the guitar as I saved up for a long time to get it (was in college at the time), but I quickly learned that the old Wide Thin neck was not for me so I returned it within the allowable 30-Day window.
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No photos of the guitar as i do not own it anymore.
Way back when a buddy of mine in chicago owned a little mom and pop music store. I was sitting in his store BSing with him when he received a delivery of what he told me was PRS's new "student edition" guitars. The original PRS Santana SE guitars. I picked up the first one he unboxed, tuned it up and plugged it in, and almost immediately fell in love with the guitar. I couldn't believe that it played just as well as my Gibson Les Paul Standards at the price point it is was. Bought it on the spot. Fast forward a few years later, I had bought a special order McCarty so i gave the SE to my niece because she wanted to learn how to play guitar.
Many years later I came to find that she sold it. I was very upset, since i told her if you lose interest please let me know because I would liek to keep this guitar. well, it's long gone now....
At the beginning of the 90s, my first in person exposure to PRS was seeing them hanging high on the wall at Classic Axe. I bought so much “used” aka vintage stuff there over the years. Marshall 2204. ,71 hardtail strat. Some Gibbos and other odds and ends. I was a gear hound from the time I was 19. I would always look up at those PRS guitars and they seemed like unobtanium candy. Not just behind the counter like the new Heritage guitars, but almost scraping the ceiling. So out of reach. I never asked Russ to try one out. I was smitten with the vintage Vox’s and Orange’s that were all down on my level.

Fast forward a couple years. Would have been February or March of 94. I had a Tele 71 strat, a Les Paul and an L6S Midnight Special, a couple Ibanez’s… but I still thought about those PRS guitars.

So after rooting around in some magazines, I ended up calling Indoor Storm (anybody remember them?), and I straight up cold-ordered a Custom 22 in Emerald Green with gold hardware and Birds of course. Gotta have Birds on that first PRS. Was told it would take 6-7 months. I was cool with that.

I got a call about 2 months later that my guitar had arrived at Indoor Storm and they were shipping it to me. I had the guitar by June of ‘94. Figured it was either a slow period at the factory, or they were doing someone’s higher spec guitar and it hadn’t carved right so they went Emerald with it and it became mine? Anyway.

That’s how it all started. And less than 10 years later I had like 14 of them at my “worst”. Mostly with Soapbars. Some really rare ducks among them. And of course my PS HB1 with Soapbars. Now all long gone.

And a few years back I stumbled into an older McCarty. I revamped it more “modern” parts and dug it, but eventually sold that too, and now have an ‘01 McSoapy as my 1 and only again. It too has been revamped. But it is very comfortable to be in familiar company.