PRS customer service


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Apr 28, 2012
I have one of the parlor acoustic electric se guitars. I was tuning it on Wednesday morning, when the tuning knob crumbled in my hand. I sent my info to PRS customer service to see if they could sell me a button, but I was blown away that they no longer make the white ones, they were sending me 6 new tuners as a warranty repair. I received them today, 2 days later. This is truly amazing customer service with a ridiculously fast turnaround. Kudos to everyone at the factory!
My experience with PRS accessory items has been very positive.

I bought a nice strap back when they did the 40% off sale in 2021. I noticed a cut on the strap extension backing leather in December. It had stitching over it, so I figured it had come to me that way and I hadn't noticed it. CS sent me a return label and a couple of weeks later I had a new strap.

During the nitro transition, I'd bought a PRS cleaning kit. It was the old one that isn't nitro-safe. PRS CS sent me a new kit to use on my nitro 594.
Good to know. Haven't had to interact with them yet, but good to read all these positives.

On a side note; wish Paul had aquired Mesa instead of Gibson. I believe the total synergies of such a combo would be off the hook.

2023 was my year for PRS. Hadn't had a new one in years. I love, love, love :):)what they are producing today.
There is a business stat that every dissatisfied customers results in 16 lost sales .... We had it posted all around the division I started at . Those that don't grasp the concept of good service are doomed to failure .. especially these days.
They went far beyond what I expected...

I ordered a BRW 513 when they were irst announced. Dark Green (I forget the exact name, but with a green tinted back), with gold hardware. Or at least I thought I ordered it with gold hardware...

When it arrived, the circuit board was wonky and it had nickel hardware. I looked at my order sheet and sure enough it said nickel...

I was disappointed, but that's what I ordered...

Anyway, my dealer sent it back for the circuit board repair. When it came back, a few weeks later, it sounded perfect...

And it looked even better with the new GOLD hardware...
Never had any major issues, but i must say CS staff has always answered emails in short notice. Had bad experiences with several major companies about random stuff, so PRS has been pretty good so far.