2009 PRS Blue Sierra amp problems


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Mar 20, 2024
Hello I recently Sent my Blue Sierra Amp to Factory in Maryland to have it repaired ,A previous owner attempted a repair on rectifier diodes and did a bad job so the factory repaired them and replaced 1ea 100uf Electrolytic mains cap that was worn .they did a fast great turnaround on amp after testing my amp the filiment fuse blew more than once and finally got that stable it sounds terrible very thin and fizzy low power. Tested speaker and all good. I really don't know what to do at this point it cost me alot for shipping and repairs and can't afford to send it back. This amp used to sound incredible when new.
I’d get back in contact with PRS. Sounds like they didn’t get it right, so it should be repaired on their nickle.
Yes Thank you I have sent an Email to PRS customer service about the amps issues,It's just Surprising there techs would let this get by them.I have built a number of amps and have done hundreds of repair and service work but wanted this done by the factory and still do.
Thank you RickP. Yes it's Heartbreaking to not have this great amp not sounding how I have heard it .And it's needed for gigs I have booked.Hopefully PRS service will contact me ,they have been very good with me other than this issue
They should stand behind thier work , I've had my blue sierra for a bit over a year and just love it .
They should stand behind thier work , I've had my blue sierra for a bit over a year and just love it .
Hi Greywolf ,Wanted to ask about your Blue Sierra amp, Does break pretty easy when driving it with a single coil guitar? In other words when master vol cranked up is it fairly clean until Guitar volume maxes out .trying to get a feel with my amp. Its My First PRS amp. Been playing 5E3 Deluxe build .
Well Bummed out that my Blue Sierra amp goes back to factory again for repairs but want it sounding right and not blowing fuses , It's obviously drawing too much current in power stage, It seems not to have enough clean headroom before breaking up. Just doesn't sound right. PRS Service has been great Sent me shipping tag all paid .Great Folks
With the KT77's you can bring the Master up way up and it is SRV clean, If you want dirt as soon as the Volume ( pre amp) goes above 3 your in crunch territory. With the EL34's it broke up early period . If I'm after a Derek Trucks/ Carlos vibe the Volume gain comes more into play .

The guy who sold it to me didn't like the always on crunch of the stock power tubes. It's a shame he didn't explore other options .

The Gold Lion Cryo KT77's aren't cheap $92.95 each .. but they are a fave of audiophiles and they get better with age .
That's good Info,Thank you . I did notice with 6L6 tubes The amp breaks up pretty quick when you bump up the vol, gain. Was not sure this was right due to the trouble this amp has given me. I have a good collection of vintage tubes some sets of Old Tungsol 5881,Mullard fx2 EL34 but no KT77 Many good preamp tubes so when I am sure this amp is right I will experiment with tubes. I play RnB Rock,Blues.
They'll get it right ! They are wonderful . I play it more than any other these days.