another MT-15 thread

I think the two amps are only minor voicing changes apart, and they probably figure you can turn a knob a little and get it to sound like the other, basically. So I doubt we'll ever see that.

What I think would be incredible, would be C1- Archon clean, C2- HX channel of the HX/DA, C3 - Archon Gain. THAT would be a earth ruling amp! Even a Custom 50 gain channel C2 would be awesome! Three channel amps, the way PRS builds them, aren't cheap. Since prior to the last few years, the amp line really hasn't caught on as well as it should have given the quality of the amps, I doubt they'll go too far out on a limb with a 3 channel design. But, the recent success of the Archon, and smashing success of the MT15 (and while I haven't seen numbers, the Sonzera seems to be doing pretty well) maybe they'll have more resources to try a few more things in the next couple years in the amp line.

Since the HX/DA is currently off out of production, and what we hear is that there's a(nother?) Hendrix amp at the factory, MAYBE, they're going to do another HX, but... I'd say whatever else you do, do one with a switch to add more gain since "modded" plexi's are big sellers in the high end amp market (judging from TGP).
So, great - that’s another amp to buy! (The 3-channel, that is.)
So, great - that’s another amp to buy! (The 3-channel, that is.)
Would be! But I'm pretty sure we'll never see it. Plexi with more gain... I'd almost bet on that one though. PRS knows how Plexi is a magic buzzword, and how MOST of the high end amp builders that do one, add more gain than the original had. They've already sold a stock plexi. If they want to sell a new version, more gain is the #1 most sought after update to that circuit. IMHO