NuAD - Archon Twenty Five Combo


Avoiding imperial entanglements
Jan 5, 2023
After being so happy with all the PRS guitars it felt right to end the year with an amp. What sold me on this model was: the love Archons get from some of the guys (didn't see any gals with Archons) here, the Archon models on the FM9 which sounded great and this gutshot:


Amazing to get that level of USA quality with chassis mounted tubes & pots and close to point to point wiring in a near mint four year old amp for less than an SE.

Both the clean and high gain lead channels sound great even though I haven't given it the chance to really open up yet. The only downsides are that it doesn't really want to do edge of breakup sounds and the effects loop is after the master volume and is very sensitive to noise in the loop. As @Black Plaid has recommend I tried a Morley volume pedal but even that was still too noisy. So any effects go before the main input and fortunately the clean channel is so clear that on neutral BMT settings, it's pretty close to going directly into the effects return and I can get lots of sounds using the FM9 amp models with the power amp stage turned off.