PRS Archon Prototype?


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Mar 21, 2023
I just picked up what appears to be an early Archon 100 that has some characteristics that make me wonder if it was a prototype or special build and was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on it. It's entirely possible that this amp has been modified by a previous owner, but there are some quirky things about it. First off, it has no serial or manufacture date on the back. There's no information written inside or on top of the chassis, so no help there. The rear of the wood faceplate has some stickers with a 4/2014 date on it. The front LED is blue instead of the normal green, and there is another blue LED on top of the chassis on the inside that lights up when powered on. There are three additional knobs on the amp, two on the rear near the effects loop jacks, and one on top of the chassis near the power tubes, and I have no idea what any of them do. The footswitch is also strange, as it has matching blue LEDs instead of the usual red, and it is connected to the amp via a 1/4" to 5 pin cable, and has a separate 9v power supply to illuminate the footswitch LEDs.

So that being said, does anyone have any ideas on what is going on with this amp? Does anyone know when the Archon 100s first came to the open market? Anyone else ever seen an Archon with any of these characteristics, or is this just a strangely modified unit? Thanks for any help!




I’ve never experienced an Archon, but I do have a Custom 20 which is a 2 channel with an effects loop. I think it is around the same age as your amp.

I believe the pots on the back are a send volume and return volume for the effects loop.

The LEDs on the front of my amp and footswitch change from blue to red when switched from clean to dirt. I expect your channel LEDs change color too.

My amp has a third footswitch button for boost. I have two extra boost knobs on the back of my amp, one for each channel to set the boost volume for each channel. That knob on your amp above the effects loop jacks may be the volume boost which is kicked on when the Loop footswitch is pressed. Possible the LED on the chassis in the back shows the channel color while back there tweaking, or when the loop is turned on?

Hi John, thanks for the input. None of the LEDs change color, but the footswitch LEDs will turn on and off depending on the channel selected and if the loop is active or not.