S2 Trem Bridge Set Up

McCarty Love

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May 21, 2020
I have an S2 Custom 24 which I have installed Dragon II's in and absolutely freaking love. Only issue is, I can't seem to get the tremolo set up where it's reliable.

My S2 Studio has always stayed in tune pretty well. I've examined it to determine what the hold up with green guitar is and can't seem to figure it out.

As a note: I really never use the tremolo, the tuning stability seems to be a thing just with "normal play". Its great, but I just have to continually tune, even if its just a little between songs.

Any tips on set up?

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Total random suggestion - my SE Custom 22 wouldn’t stay in tune. Lubed the nut and bridge saddles, and the trem knife edges, and it was golden after that. I’m not sure which spot did it, I lubed them all at once. Probably the nut. My S2 Studio just stays in tune, unless I do floppy string dive bombs. I love that guitar!
My “checklist” for every PRS with a trem, if I’m having tuning problems, is this:

- Check for strings binding at the nut. This is probably the most common problem, especially in your case if you’re not using the trem much, the strings are probably getting stuck if you bend. Could be if you’re using larger gauge strings than came stock. Best way to check, tune any problem string to pitch, bend it on the fretboard, check it again. If it went out of tune, bend it behind the nut, see if it goes back.

- Make sure the slots of the trem screws that the knife edge sits on are even - @John Mann has a great YouTube video where he installs a trem on an SE and shows you how to do it. Be sure to do this with the strings off!!!

- Once you have those items sorted, I like to use Tri Flow lubricant on the nut slots, knife edge, and where the strings wrap over the saddles and into the trem block. The little pen with the precision applicator is a must have item in my guitar toolbox! Usually like to do it at every string change, and then touch up if needed.

Hope that helps!