NUGD.. nostalgic dream PRS

Sorry I’ve been MIA. I’ve been the busiest retired guy known to Man. Lol.

I’ll bore you all with the backstory. I’m back in 95 when this guitars came out I drooled for one. 1998 there was a teal one for sale in a store called Toys From The Attic in White Plains NY. I was so close to pulling the trigger but, at the time I really needed another trem PRS for playing out, so I passed on it. For years it haunted me. I’ve always admired the beauty of these guitars, the inlays, ebony board, big leaf maple top, semi-hollow body, and McCarty pups/electronics. From time to time I checked the market, searching for the right one, at the “right price” in very clean condition. I found it. Here is my newly adopted 1995,10th Anniversary McCarty. Absolutely stunning!

BTW…. The Christmas tree is horrendous on this. I will fix that when I change the strings. The store put a fresh set of strings on so I might as well take advantage of using them for a while..








That MOP inlay on the headstock and along the fb is all kinds of awesome.