NUGD: I’ve gone full clownburst

That is a great looking burst. I am really familiar with GIbson and its 70s clown bursts. That is no clown burst. Great looking guitar. I love the PRS dark cherry bursts. Look awesome.
Congrats Gm3 !!!!

That guitar looks amazing.

I also have a Clownburst, but it’s a DGT.

The CB definitely can look way different depending on the lighting.

Here’s a couple of pictures of mine.

My ‘09 DGT 10-Top


Quick update for anyone interested - unfortunately I just couldn't get along with the narrower pattern regular neck after so many years of pattern thin and pattern necks, so this beauty had to go back. Surprisingly, it's already re-listed at the same low (in my opinion) price of 2999. Really a shame because it was so gorgeous and sounded amazing. Hopefully one of you can take advantage of it if you're in the market. Not sure if I'm allowed to post direct links to sales even though I'm not the one selling it, so I'll just say it's listed at a center for guitars with the same awful listing pics.

Luckily, I was able to secure a replacement dark cherry sunburst 35th anniversary with a pattern thin neck which will be on the way shortly. Not quite as neat of a flame pattern, but I like the character of it. Here's a sneak peek: