2009 Standard Satin, 2021 Custom Satin


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Oct 17, 2023
I’ve had my ‘09 Satin for about three years and was really intrigued by the 35th Anniversary when shopping for a Custom 24. The switching and a maple cap were my main priorities. When this Custom popped up for sale I was elated. I have several other PRS’s but having a cousin/big brother/whatever you want to call it to my ‘09 is a real pleasure.

I didn’t think I’d end up with another Satin but here it is… It felt like the right move since I was already looking for a 35th Anniversary and the ‘09 has been such an awesome guitar to own. What do you have?
It's a 2017 WL 594 in satin charcoal. Rosie neck and ziricote fretboard.