NGD x 2: 408 10 top and a Vela Reclaimed


PRS Fren
Feb 18, 2021

It’s been a fun journey thru PRS land. I’ve gone thru many models to find those I like. I’ve met plenty that intrigued me but these 2 are simply something else for me. The 408 electronics blow my mind. Why it didn’t catch on more is beyond me. My only guess would be the proprietary pickups. But the magic of zero volume loss in single coil is real. The Boyd Burst 10 top is gorgeous. It should be a part of the regular rotations of finishes! Such a shame these got discontinued.

And the Vela reclaimed is remarkable. The wood grain feels like I’m holding a piece of history. The satin feel is exactly how it was meant to be. I would not change a darn thing about it. Such a shame it was a limited run. I’ve owned a regular Vela. It was pretty cool. But this is mind blowing for me. In my hands it feels perfect. The weight on it is glorious. I’ve had a Taylor reclaimed acoustic before. It was meh. Cool in concept but it looked like an ordinary acoustic guitar. The unique looks and woods here hit the spot. And if I get a ding in it who cares? Now I gotta name this kid. I’m thinking Woodie.

I am beyond thrilled with these guitars guys. Lots have come and gone. I don’t see these 2 going anywhere. And for once I mean it.
I also like the Honduran rosewood fretboard on the 408. I usually prefer a dark fretboard, but the light fretboard with streaks is real cool
That Boyd-burst 408 looks incredible! And I don’t even have to mention reclaimed Vela because… wow.