NGD: I Like Boyd Burst


PRS Fren
Feb 18, 2021
And I cannot lie! You other brothers can’t deny…

Meet the new CE addition. I whipped out the credit card when i found a CE in a natural burst. Which means I’ll part with another guitar but this is so worth it. My 408 ten top now has a buddy. The 408 has a fancier top and I upgraded some details on it like tuner buttons and pickup rings. The less fancy top of the CE pairs well with the simple birds. Both absolutely shimmer depending on the light and angle. Something about this natural burst that I absolutely love and it’s quickly become my favorite finish. Fading shouldn’t be much an issue since it’s a natural toned finish. I hope one day I can ask Boyd to sign the backplates. It feels only right to ask that he sign his work of art.:cool:

I already installed a MannMade Nos2000 trem on the CE so it’s practically core level. It’s interesting to me the difference between Honduran rosewood (408) and east Indian rosewood (CE) fretboards in terms of look. Sound wise to me the guitars sound very different, but I suspect that’s the pickups.

Anyhow I’ll shut up and show the pics you came for:



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