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  1. Skyman98

    New Guy + Question

    Hello all! Decided to finally make an account here so I can chat and learn something’s! I have owned many SE models and a CE24, but if I may I will show my latest purchase! I was able to buy my dream guitar this week. A 2020 Wood Library Special Semi Hollow Quilted Maple 10 top. Mash Green with...
  2. Zanza-Dia-Phos

    NGD PRS McCarty 594 Single Cut 10 Top in Black Gold Burst

    Good day everyone! Well I actually bought this guitar last month but I just wanted to share some pictures of my new PRS McCarty 594 Single Cut 10top in Black Goldburst. The best guitar I have ever played. I love the tone, the neck is so comfortable, the pickups are so clear and pleasing to...
  3. S

    NGD: 2003 McCarty, 10 top in black cherry

    It's funny to think about the fact that in 2021 I had no PRS guitars and had hardly ever played one. It's now 2023 and I have 3. After my 91/92 alder bodied CE and my 2017 Custom 24, I really wanted the "other" iconic PRS, aka the McCarty. I also wanted a PRS that I could downtune easily (aka...
  4. Broseph

    NGD: I Like Boyd Burst

    And I cannot lie! You other brothers can’t deny… Meet the new CE addition. I whipped out the credit card when i found a CE in a natural burst. Which means I’ll part with another guitar but this is so worth it. My 408 ten top now has a buddy. The 408 has a fancier top and I upgraded some details...
  5. show_a_little_faith

    NGD - Hollowbody II Piezo (one more try to fix pics!)

    I've never named any of my guitars before, but may I now introduce you all to "Neo": Originally had Gold tuner buttons, I had them swap out for the Faux Bone. I think they're a better match with the pickup rings Flame on! (along with some funky lighting reflections) I found several...
  6. Julian

    Non 10 Top quilts/wood library?

    What’s goodie, Was wondering if PRS made Core guitars with quilt tops that aren’t 10 Tops or Wood Library.
  7. danktat

    Some "GOOD" photos (CU22)

    Took Dottie (2007 CU22) outside with my real DSLR to get some pix that actually show her top off properly. Cell phone pix tend to do something like what could be equated to an amp "compressing" the sound of a guitar when it processes photos. This is just my camera, with the kit lens, outside...
  8. danktat

    Electric outdoors

    Noodling out behind the shop with Dottie, and the Blackstar practice amp. The weather is way too nice out here. Too bad I have an appointment coming in within the next half hour. I could stay out here all day. But I do have to stop embarrassing myself trying sing.....LOL. And yes, I do hold my...
  9. S

    Considering buying a Custom 24 core

    So I've recently been looking to purchase a Custom 24. But due to the limited market here in Norway, there aren't a whole lot of guitars to choose from, and import is sadly too expensive. Anyways, I found a new S2 Custom 24 and almost decided to buy it, but after searching the used market there...
  10. danktat

    2007 Custom 22

    Bored at work so I took her outside for a pic. Thanks for looking.
  11. danktat

    Just another pic

    So, my pic addiction is taking over and even though I posted pix of this girl recently, I couldn't help myself. I feel like this was a good choice to get back on the horse. And the band is revving up to get this scratch demo started to push forward with an album. So, hopefully, I'll get to see...
  12. Joseph Berlin

    *Video* Aquableux 10 Top is now officially mine!!

    Remember those pics I posted last week of the guitar I was planning to pick up in NJ? Well I went to get it this weekend and it looks even better in person than any of the pictures could ever have suggested. I thought I'd post a couple quick videos to showcase the grain in the wood, it has so...
  13. Joseph Berlin

    Picking up my first PRS this weekend!!!

    New member here, hello hello!!! Been playing guitar since I was 11 (27 years of age now) and have somehow gone all this time without owning a PRS, which is practically a sin. On Sunday I will be picking up a mint condition (literally unplayed) 2014 Custom 24 with an aquableux 10 top quilt maple...
  14. danktat

    NGD! Unboxing vid and pix

    Well, she's here! Here is the unboxing! And a few pix....Sorry about the photo quality. These are from my cell phone right after getting the package here in to work. I'll get better photos later. Thanks for looking. :D
  15. danktat

    Well, I done f***** up......

    I just dropped payment on this 2001 CU22. All stock except the truss rod cover. 10 top. "Excellent" condition. The deal was too good. I could have paid more for an S2 after negotiations were all done. This will officially be the least expensive PRS I have ever owned. That should take care of my...
  16. T

    Price for this private stock?

    Hello, Any idea what the price would be if I wanted to have this private stock made?.. Custom 24 Mahogany body 10-top Maple neck (satin finish!) Rosewood fretboard Dark blue finish Basically an artist package because I can't find one anywhere, I've been searching for months...
  17. D

    Few questions on the custom 22 20th anniversary

    Hi there,I am considering picking up one of those.I have already tried it and was pretty impressed I must say.I have never owned one before and have very little knowledge about prs guitars.Its also a 10 top.What exactly is a 10 top?I cant seem to find much info on the specs though strangely.The...
  18. matonanjin

    What is a "10-Top"?

    So what, exactly, is a "10-Top"? I can read the description: "A very small percent of the maple trees cut in North America are actually figured. To make "10-Top" status, a PRS top must have clearly defined figure across its entire top with no "dead" spots." I still don't get it. I get it is...
  19. W

    Help Identifying PRS ?

    Hello all. Looking for help in identifying this PRS. There are a couple of things that throw me off. I do not know for sure what year it is. Also it has a stop tail piece and push pull tone pot. Does that mean it is not a Custom 24? It has McCarty Bass and Treble Pickups. I do not know if those...