2023 PRS Custom 24 10 top with underwhelming gold coloring on pickups

Easy fix. John Mann has everything you need. I just ordered some goodies from him over the weekend. They will be delivered tomorrow. Great website for all your PRS needs.
The roasted poles sounded more stable.
Actually I'm in the cryogenic treatment camp. The tone is at a higher stabilization to transfer vibration due to more structurally transparent molecular alignment. The plating process can add the pole pieces ability to color harmonic ranges in unwound strings. Even though Roasting is for turkeys and chickens, we both know that more often than not they are frozen first.
Thanks for letting me know! Any way you could link them? I saw some screws for the white mount around the pick ups but it sounds like maybe I can replace the screws on the actual pickup itself?
Your local hardware store probably has what you need.

I've purchased black ones for height adjustment screws.

Are you talking about the fillister head screws in the pickups?
Everyone knows that the biggest contributor to tone is the color of your strings. You have to get the DR coated strings. The blue ones sound very earthy. The black ones are amazing for metal. The green ones? Well, those sound like money!
its a great guitar. Plays great and is less than 7 pounds. but it was also nearly $6,000 so I'm feeling a bit picky
You are quite right , for 6000.00 QC should be spot on, while it may be a very simple fix , it should have been caught at the factory. My Core Custom 24 Piezo 10 Top had a couple saddle screws that were way to long and were hitting the strings before the got to the saddle , and yes its an easy fix but for a 6000.00 guitar its bull****. Its also breaking every string but the low E at the saddle after a few hours of playing time. So far I think PRS QC sucks.